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Quick easy and simple natural hairstyle on 4c natural hair. this can be done 3c, 4a, 4b natural hair as well. It is a simple classy hairstyles for grown women that does not involve any form of gel.

This simple flat twist hairstyle can be worn to work, school, meetings, church. Wherever you feel like going .. it suits every event.

Link to the ponytail:
Code: Gloryokings

Some of my natural hairstyles:

How to flat twist

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Chiedza Mutiro says:

How do we get past this stage in length. I think my hair has been stuck at this length for the last 8 months.

Laurencia Kay Tembo says:

Hey Sis, I do love ❤️ the hairstyling video because I get to learn… or try to learn a new style for me to use. To tell you the truth I just might do this style for church on Sunday. You always come through when it comes to styling your hair. ❤️❤️❤️

Simita says:

I love this!! Very elegant, cute and simple.

Fabulous Sham says:

Awwww so elegant and am glad am early today

Taneisha Johnson says:

Where is your drawstring from?

simplybri says:

I could totally add some pearls and rhinestones this would be a beautiful wedding hair style!! I’m looking for hair ideas for my wedding next year and I definitely want a natural hair style!

Efeoghene Opeyemi says:

So beautiful ☺️

MaryKing says:

Wow, so beautiful it is a unique style.

T Q says:

Looks great!

NaturallySini says:

This is beautiful.

Ayanna Bryan, PhD says:

Yes, I will be trying this.

Caryn B says:

Really cute and Where did you get the ponytail ?

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