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My GIANT Top Knot Bun SECRET!! SHH! Issa Natural Hair ILLUSION

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I’m SHOCKED that I’ve never shared this before! Well, here it is, my SECRET Natural Hair GIANT Perky Top Knot Trick! This quick natural hair bun takes literally two seconds to put together, and makes your hair look large and voluminous! I hope you enjoy this easy natural hair top knot bun hack!! XOXO!! Nap

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SNAPCHAT : @HeyWhitty
PERISCOPE : @Naptural85

*This video is NOT sponsored. All opinions shared in this video are my own, thank you for your support!

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Naptural85 says:

XOXO!! Hey Mamacitas!!! [and Papacitas.. I see you!!] Thanks so much for watching!! I hope you enjoy this simple but BOMB natural hair hack!! ❤️❤️❤️

babytina says:

Lol I thought this is how everyone does their bun??

Aaliyah says:

Love this but girl that’s not an illusion you just got hella hair

D.R Wyatt says:

This is an old school trick, we use to this back in the day.

SunriseMoonshine says:

Yay!!! I was looking for a bun video that didn't take the curls away!! Thank You!!

Signoga says:

It's because your hair is huge

mszskinni TV says:

But wait… what about your ends? you didnt tuck them in or hide them in your hair.

Mrs. FancyFitz says:

Ugh sooo purrty! Lol

Bryanna Jordan says:

Omg let me just say out of all the hairstyle tutorials I’ve watched this one is hands down my favorite. You are the reason I can create a beautiful beautiful full bun and get many many compliments. I loveeeeee this style and I do it anytime I’m going out and want a simple but classy hairstyle. Thank you so muchhh

heather craig-gill says:

wow! I never thought of it

b lank says:

If you were to cut your hair you would fling your head across the room from the lightened load lol. I used to have long hair and went pixie and yeah it was so different!

Keyona Ashley says:

Thank you for being simple and straight to the point. I barely made it through other videos on this because they were too long and drawn out! Lol

Shannon Armstrong says:

That clip is beautiful beautiful job as usual Whit

Khadijah's Space says:

Have you tried the puff cuff?

Meghan McGhee says:

Lol I go around pre pin up bun lol

Rachel Remy says:

Can you do a video on how you will get your hair thickness back? I know you mentioned how it thinned due to medication

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