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Natural Hair Poodlepuffs | CUTE TRENDY NATURAL HAIRSTYLE for black women | New Protective Style

Poodle puffs, bubble braids, puffballs, whatever you call them, this is a SUPER EASY natural hairstyle for little girls AND for women with natural hair looking for a cute, trendy natural hairstyle. It is a unique natural hairstyle that is so beautiful, easy to achieve, and waterproof!! Everyone loves a waterproof natural hairstyle in the summer months. I also give you tips and tricks to keep your curly hair healthy while rocking this protective, low-manipulation, natural hairstyle. Enjoy loves!
-Dasha, The Hair Doula 🙂

I post of my hair, my life and my career (I may even sing a tune from time to time):

Hair Clips
Black Rubber Bands:

Create a CUSTOM natural hair routine/natural hair regimen: 
Here at The Hair Doula we believe natural hair tips and advice are best when they are custom, so we came up with a system that helps you identify the important characteristics of your hair. Our system helps you build a natural hair routine that caters to your hair type (and I am not talkin about 4A), your skill level, and your hair goals. If you think my channel is helpful, you will LOVE this tool.
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Join Natural Girls Rule The World (FB Group):
Natural Girls Rule The World is a place where natural hair meets healing. This is a safe space for women with naturally curly hair (present or future 🙂 ).
We’re on a mission to help you better understand your hair and yourself., so in this group, we help you become your own #Goals, #HairGoals, #Life Goals, and any other goals you desire.
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Natural Hair Poodlepuffs:
Why your hair stops growing at shoulder length:
The hair Growth Mindset:

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My name is Dasha (think Sasha or Tasha, but with a ‘D’). I have been natural for over 8 years, and I equip women who have natural hair and women who are transitioning to natural hair with the skills, mindsets, and support systems they need to grow their hair, their health, and their self-love. I like to say its a space where hair meets healing because it is truly transformative.

I invite you to come journey with me and fall more deeply in love with You. Embracing my natural hair changed my life. It raised my confidence and elevated how I love myself, and I know the same will happen for you too. 
That said, custom is really the only way to go when it comes to natural hair. No two curly girls are exactly alike even if they have the same “curl pattern.” Learning about your natural hair doesn’t have to be hard; it can be quite simple if you have the right guide and the right resources. Check out my customized hair routines on my site ( and start your journey to building your custom natural hair regimen for your very special, very unique head of beautiful hair. It is the best natural hair advice you will ever get because it caters to you!  

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Jessica Watkins says:

Did you blow dry your hair straight before doing this?

Kimberley Shanks-Duff says:

I would have liked to see you after a several days of wear ❤️

Denysha Taylor says:

My scalp could never last 5 days without water but this ADORABLE ❤️

Heliotrope Sunset says:

I did this style ages ago and the take down was something else. I had to employ a knitting needle (to stop me from cutting my hair) and pull the elastic away from my strands!

Fiz Ko says:

Does it grow your hair?

Coco says:

This came out so cute! I would never do this with just my real hair though I would put Marley hair over it. How was the take down with the rubber bands? That’s what I worry about!

Tishara Doby says:

I was hoping you did it with weave ☹️ I gotta find a video

Jucee Boop says:

I'm just like you, been debating doing this style for years. I'm doing it today!!

RahRah T says:

I LOVE this! Thank you for the tutorial, your hair is beautiful!

London Bridgett says:

how long did these last?

Boogie Hill says:

What do you mean by waterproof? Doesn’t it still shrink?

Leslie W. says:

Very cute boo

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