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5 EASY Workout Hairstyles for NATURAL hair!

Happy New Year Absters! As we start the new year off right by continuing to keep our bodies in shape, here are some fashionable and easy hairstyles for the gym. Be inspired!

TWITTER: @ab_k_

Products used:
– As I Am Coconut Cowash
– As I Am Detangling Conditioner
– As I am Twist Defining Cream

– Nikon d3300
Co producer: Geraad Massey

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Fangbian Gongjiang says:

As this video shows, afro hairstyles are known for their athletic and fashionable appearance.

Fangbian Gongjiang says:

The hairstyles in this video are very fashionable and athletic.

MzSherri Babii says:

where did you get that satin visor from?

A.C. Johnson says:

ok I'm gonna need a link for where I can purchase this multipurpose bandana. I'll buy it from you ($0.99 +tax +shipping) if you can get me one. I have no Walgreens near me.

Tight & Right Hair Revolution, Inc. says:

Hello. Love your energy and your creativity! I think that it's amazing. I saw that one of your subscribers mentioned their roots being wet – I'm natural as well. I hope this helps

Kita Jovan says:

I know I'm late to the party, lol, great video! The Orange Band and the other hair bands looked really nice, not the typical cheap ones I have, where did you get them? I saw someone say Walgreens?

Zinash beyene says:

You're beautiful and thank you!

Stitches By Viv says:

I love all of them. I am struggling to keep my hair nice after I work out

Nicole Smith says:


Kimberly Hayden says:

Love it! Just left cycling class and my hair was soaked

Pink Cashmere says:

My issue isn’t how to style yo workout. It’s how to style after. I take my hair down and it looks like crap.

Simply Synthia says:

Hello! I know this is an older video, but first I'd like to say cute hairstyles, second, I love those visors and third, I have the same camera as you and was wondering what setting you record in? Your camera stayed focused really well with all your movement! Thanks for any advice!

Miracle J says:

Stripe headband from….?

Michelle Vann says:

So cute!! Loved all of them my real issue is dealing with my hair once the roots get wet :-/

Tiffany Joe says:

Thank You!!!

Whitney Cullens says:

Cute hairstyles, thanks! How often do you wash/ work out per week?

Trinity Miracle says:

This song is gonna be stuck in my head all dayyyy "1-2-3-4 clap your hands"

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