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Perm Rod Set Step by Step + Wedding Hair Inspo | Natural Hair

Whats up beautiful people. In this video I styled my friend’s hair for a wedding. I also wanted to give helpful tips on how to apply a perm rod. Let me know if you found this helpful!

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Products shown:
Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Leave In Conditioner
Lottabody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse
25-30 Purple/Pink Perm Rods
Pattern Beauty Shower Brush
Gold n Hot Bonnet Dryer

Shout out to Alexis for being in my video today! Be sure to subscribe her and her husband’s channel: The Cole Life!

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Lenell Faulkner says:

Gorgeous! Her, her hair, her makeup, her dress, and her man and I'm sure her their bundle of joy will be as well. God bless.

Zaly_d says:

Her hair is beautiful before the rods and after

molay kollie says:

I don't have the same product, can I use the moisturizer leave-in conditioner

B̷a̷d̷a̷s̷s̷C̷x̷l̷e̷b̷ says:

Okay so this isn’t a perm right?

Carrie Whittsette says:

My hair will not get that straight. Looks so beautiful.

Sunita Bajracharya says:

Can you name the shop

Sunita Bajracharya says:

And where did you buy name shop

Sunita Bajracharya says:

What thing we have to use to do curler hair pleas write in this comment

Btenda Huffman says:

Just beautiful

Lady biz says:

Enjoyed the entire video. BUT. She kept putting the bobby pins in her mouth and then putting the Barbie pins in her hair. That's unsanitary not professional.

RealMcCoy411 says:

You need to come to the DFW area get on my channel and do my hair because it is so beautiful!

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