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how to choose the right natural hair shape for you

your natural hair shape IS EVERYTHING. sooo how do you choose the right one for you!? watch to hear what you can expect from 5 of the most trendy natural hair shapes. we’re getting in DETAIL about face shapes, level of maintenance, pros & cons… everything!

hope you enjoy, xo

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Lynnette Dobbin says:

Yes finallyyyyyy!!!! Thank you I’ve been googling this topic on natural hair for MONTHS!!!!!!! God Bless You!

TheAwkwardMaître D'. says:

I’ll have to disagree with you on the dramatic tapered picture you showed, that’s the one I had for my 2nd big chop and my hair grew out into a heart shape. It’s one of the easiest shapes to maintain as your hair grows out Because it looks good in almost all of the stages.

ms cindy bmw says:

You totally give me Rhianna vibes – Love it.

Ami Diago says:

I cut my hair all the way last year due to hair damaged it is and I’ve kept it very short ever since. I’m still learning more about my hair but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with it!

Earthy_girl101 says:

Your face is square shape

ParisM says:

2:55 is my favorite look

A. V. says:

You have an amazing spirit

Veil Break says:

Yea bangs do grow super fast. Over night it seems sometimes. Ive got one piece that's forever in my eye, no matter how often i trim it? I wish the rest grew so fast!

Gayle Brown says:

I love your hair, I have went to a tapered cut, and loving it.

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