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Flexi rods (orange and blue size):
Lotta Body Styling Lotion:
Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner:

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Koneko Cat says:

Lotta body, haven't heard that in awhile.

Bianca G says:

Do you sit under the dryer or just air dry ?

Follow That Girl With The Curls says:

I loved this video I’m definitely going to try this tonight

Destiny Pope says:

This video was so helpful for me I’m currently transitioning

TwinkieToes says:

I always have that random loose section in the back. Where does it belong?

I gave my fleck rods away a couple of years ago but you’re making me want to buy some more.

Jena Phung says:

Ivee seen so many tutorials but the technique that you use to wrap your hair is sooo smartttt I’m try thatt

Tajai says:

anybody ever find out what size rods she use?

Summer Time says:

Love how your hair turned out. Do you believe in hair typing and of so what type of hair do you have?

De-Talks says:

I heard then when ur dehydrated and actually need it, Gatorade tastes sweet, but when ur hydrated and/or don't need Gatorade it'll take salty lol

Anfani Vincent says:

That looks fucking BEAUTIFUL

Prettyredhead says:

Where is this brush from? And do you do this on wet or dry hair?

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