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10 EASY CURLY HAIRSTYLES | Natural Hair 2018

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Hey! Welcome to my channel!!! I’m Eris, I am a 17 yr old girl from the east coast and I am in 11th grade. I love sharing a bit of my life here on YouTube. I love fashion, beauty, art, music and lifestyle. Be sure to subscribe if you like my videos! Love you, xoxo

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challenge squad 2026 says:

She only has to use 1hair tie for a pony tail and I have to use like 3

Eres says:

the problem is i could never pull these styles off sooo

Kestra Camara says:

What edge control are you using?

shawn datofu says:

Omg wut shampoo and conditioner do u use

faith sherman says:

if only i had your texture 🙁

Kayla Gallow says:

I know her nails had to get stuck at some point

Iaunna Lemus says:

my hair just isn’t that cooperative. it’s my hair is so uneven. too thick. too long for some styles but too short for some. so the easiest thing i can to is put it in a bun with gel or straighten it.

Slup Slup says:

My 1B hair can’t cope with any of these styles like I wish I can do this without looking a hot mess in the end

adjani grant says:

Literally watch this video 100 times over when I wanna change up my hair styles love it!

hanna not hannah says:

I love your shirt wear did you get it from?

Andrea Russi says:

1:14 Monse’s edges

Scooby says:

If only my hair was this straight

adisgoldfish says:

I love your hair! I have a curly hair as well and this is so useful for my hair!!

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