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8 QUICK STYLE IDEAS FOR CURLY GIRLS!! ➟ natural hair tutorial

✘ 1 Hour No-Heat Curls Tutorial ⇢

Edge Control –
Ponytail Hooks –
Gold Hair Pins –
Gold Hair Yarn –



BGaNg Ent says:

Ima call u nicki minaj sister ❤lol yall look alike

Kim Hope says:

Your hair styles are so gorgeous I love and enjoy every hair style you are so creative and amazing thank you for inspiring other natural sisters on youtube you are truly appreciated May God bless you always queen beautiful natural chick

Ebony Mullins says:

How did you get your hair to curl like that??

Venetta Mitchell says:

Where did u get that rubber hair band pieces at?

Shel Cam says:

Uhh is this Nicki Minaj they look so alike

Twinkie Wilson says:

My hair would be HELLA frizzy by the 2nd style! What manner of witchcraft is this?

T G P T L says:

Thank God for you now i have ideas for my girls yey soo excited

Queen Eli says:

Cna we all take a moment to thank her for this video. Her curls were perfect at the start of the video and she took the risk of getting frizzy curls for this video❤

Joy Ogieva says:

I have been watching and loving your videos for a while now. I need some advice though. At this time(thanks to the corona virus lock down) my hair is damaged. How do I get it back to a healthy state?

7 bh says:

She could be a model

Shania says:

How do you slick the hair is it eco styles gel and the hair brush?

Kathy Boykin says:

Thank you for being so generous

Ailah Nyatome says:

you almost look alike with Nicki minaj

Tweety Bird says:

What kind of duck bill clips are those

liljay huge says:

Love all of them and girl u look sooooooooo beautiful I also love ur hair

Briante Epps says:

All of these were super cute. But it's a tie between 3 & 5 for me. And thanks Kim. Just when I was wanting to throw on a wig, you make me wanna experiment with my natural hair lol

Aminata VAN-HEYNINGEN says:

U got a mix between Nicki Minaj and Hennesy look

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