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6 Super Cute Hairstyles For Black Women Featuring Cornrows

6 Super Cute Hairstyles For Black Women Featuring Cornrows

Enjoy the video and I hope you get some ideas for hairstyles for the coming week.

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The beautiful people featured in this video are:



GGirll22 says:

I have an ounce of hair

Island Girl says:

Awesome video, new subbie here.

Amalgamaite says:

I don't want to be offensive, but I get SO SICK of these Mulatto men and women calling themselves Black people! WHEN will Mixed-race, bi-racial, Mulatto, half Black/half Whatever people gather enough courage to COME OUT OF THE CLOSET and "BE" what they are, in stead of HIJACKING THE BLACK RACE to be seen!

"Oh, I'm Black!" Oh no you're not! You're a LIAR! and the world is sick of you!


That first girl is not black

Veronica Woolridge says:

First style what kind of spray and products did she use?

Cassidy White says:

What is the first hairstyle called?

Creole Manya says:

I'm a black woman, my hair is 22 inches long, maybe a little more, AND I CANNOT CORNROW. These videos are useless

Creole Manya says:

Why do they make these videos and act like just because we are black we are supposed to know how to braid to the scalp do they ever have any hairstyles that are for black women that dont include braiding to the scalp

Miss Dor's daughter says:

kurlykenesha needs to wash and detangle her hair. the second style was fire.

october johnson says:

Question: where do I find this beat???? Lol it sounds sooo good

Mike Ken says:

Alot of these bitches not black they biracial. Get them out of the video

Niya rashay says:

The first video I have my hair the same way

Lauryn Nakitare says:

I realized my hairstyles always look bad because after am done I don't apply makeup and smile.

Tremell Israel says:

It said black …not half breed…

Falcon one says:

The first woman is super beautiful! All of these hairstyles look great!

Mister Evans says:

beautiful cornrows.

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