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Natural hair hairstyles that can also be worn in curly hair hairstyles too!

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Race: Half Nigerian + African American (aka I’M BLACK, PERIOD!)
Name: Isimeme (E-C-May-May) Edeko (E-Deck-Co)
Camera: Canon EOS T6i
Editing Software: iMovie
Curl Pattern: 4a/4b


Music: Possible by Montell2099


Halfrican Beaute says:


Christiana Ojo says:

Thank you so much i saw the video when it came out but i didn't have enough hair to achieve most if no all the styles shown. This video was actually a very big part in me growing out my hair and not messing with it as much and just letting it grow. It has been almost over 2 years and let me just say to all the ladys trying to get your hair to this length. STOP WORRYING!! The more you mess with it the more prone to damage. Also just because it was a protective style with your hair out (aka high puff, mini braids) doesn't mean you should do them puting your hair in cornrows or crochet helps because they leave your hair alone.

Evelyn Abiakwunye says:

this is what I used to grow like her's ,rice water and my special hair cream TCB

Chocolate Queen K says:

So we’re not going to talk about the first style….

Tasha G says:

Number 6 is so freaking cute! I just blew out my hair and I’m gonna do that one

Ahshante Essex says:

i love your hair texture

Lilyanna Hurdan says:

Siis you just flat ironed it lmao am dead

nanaadjoa says:

indeed African beauty. soo beautful, love you sis

Marilyn Oxendine says:

I regret watching this but your hair is cute

Fierce &Free says:

great video hair was starting to get a little puffy at the end of my flat iron. i can do these styles for another week

Kasandra Hall says:

You make beautiful hairstyles

Bubu Juju says:

Thats blown out hair not hair growth

Anyone else agree?

Arillene says:

Welp, time to get my blow dryer ( love the hairstyles btw)

Savnnah Shungu says:

God made me cut my hair when I was younger cause he knew I wouldn’t know how to act

AmandaShuNN81 says:

Might wear 13 tomorrow but I will be trying alot of them now that my hair is blown out. Thank you❤

sinamen516 says:

I just blew my hair out and I was trying to figure out what else I could do with it, this video was perfect!!! Thx u!!

solcarmens amazing life says:

5:39 is really cute

LifeWIthZeniya says:

Yessssss ma’am!!!

-ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏsᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴏɢ- says:

Came here because my flat iron was a fail 🙁

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