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A compilation of natural hairstyles, easy, quick and simple natural hairstyles for natural hair (black hair) 2019. can be done on 4c, 4b and 4a natural hair can be a Christmas dinner hairstyles , Date night hairstyle, Events, Family gathering hairstyle, church hairstyle.

Hi Sisters and brothers, this is a video compilation of some of the natural hairstyles on my 4c hair I have done through out the year (2019) they are really simple, easy to do, and quick hairstyles for our natural hair i hope you guys enjoy this video.

Link to kinky curly clip in :…
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Links to the full videos:
Hairstyle 1:

Hairstyle 2:

Hairstyle 3:

Hairstyle 4:

Hairstyle 5:

Hairstyle 6:

Hairstyle 7:

Hairstyle 8:

Hairstyle 9:

Hairstyle 10:

Hairstyle 11:

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Furr Smith says:

Please the Afro looking wigs you attach at the end ; what are they called ?

monica katunga says:

I see your hair is coarse and I love how you don't manipulate it too much but it comes up so beautifully

Toonari says:

Where did you get the Afro wig from?

10million subscribers says:

Finally something without ecostyler gel, beautiful hair styles for us

Kesha Petty says:

Beautiful styles!

Amanda Edwards says:

Your hair looks so soft and manageable….. I could never do half of those style with my hair. Anyways thanks for the video. Beautiful ❤️

Naturally Elsie says:

woow,i love at the hairstyles

Tasty MudPies says:

Thanks for the style inspiration. I wonder whether this is a lot of manipulation for me if I'm a 4c and trying to retain length?

Jovial Juanita says:

you're so creative

Chat Pointer says:

So many options! Thanks !!

Chat Pointer says:

how do you stretch your hair?

Msbeautywithin1 says:

This is awesome, lots of simple and elegant styles for natural hair
Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas

creativity4u says:

Really great recap, thank you! Have you shared how you stretch your hair? How often you apply heat, the tools you use and so on. Please let me know what video if you have. Thanks again! I need your hair length.

update: nevermind found your other videos that talk about it!! 😀

Lauryntae says:

You are sooo pretty and I love these hairstyles

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