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Black Women’s Natural Hair: why MEN prefer it! | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Black Women’s Natural Hair: why MEN prefer it!

https://www.twitter.com/wilkinebrutus https://www.vanguardelement.com Black Hair Politics: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/27/fashion/27SKIN.html?pagewanted=a…

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Aliesha musicBmyPassion says:

Wish more people realized this.

Jamie Cox says:

I love your hair and I love your message… though dreads and other well
kept natural black hair is soo beautiful. I kind of wish I had your hair
(though I know it can be a lot of work.)

SaiTV says:

Black Women’s Natural Hair: why MEN prefer it!

islandgal319 says:

I love you :)

A. Grayson says:

Loved this! I did not know what I was gonna hear while listening to your
video however I was surprised and entertained and chuckled allot. You are
creative and I felt this was genuine. So well put and said. 

ItsMeMissyBri says:

You are too silly! But you made very good points!

tim tebaw says:

As a black man I like your approach on dealing with the issue of black
women hair. Not in a attacking way but more of a deep understanding of the
issue. Good job.

ramasa emmerson says:

Came across your video, take you for posting this. Love it! Been natural
for four years and this has been an eye opening journey of accepting myself
and love the skin I am in

MahoganyConsulting says:

Wonderful and insightful video! Thank you.

ManzanaDeZhongGuo says:

I like your message, I think its well put and I agree with your natural
versus authentic(original, self-loving) comparison. But, just know, for
years now they have also been developing an extension industry that caters
to natural afro textures as well so watch out you may think you fluffing
her natural fro and dig in to give her scalp massage and fine a track lol
(still better than the original extension and its effects on dependency)

JusViben says:

Love! I just came from studying abroad in Taiwan in June so you cracked me
up with the double eyelid.

Youngand HonestlyWise says:

enlightening and entertaining. Nicely done! Im a natural and I love the
unique feeling I get from rocking my hair ! No relaxer or weave can replace
that. Thanks for your post. :,) Looking forward to seeing more videos

Reenie C says:

You’re funny! LOL :)

Menah Leigh says:

I just…have to subscribe.

BabyGirlWWEDiva says:

Nice vid!!

nigeriansista says:

Great video!

shonna jolly says:


Lisha St fort says:

You are such a beautiful MAN. I’m natural and am proud of that!!!

Shatika Gray says:

Love this video. ..

Kim .Fuller says:

I love this!! 100% agree.

Petite bantu says:

great video

Miyoshi Wesley says:

Love and I subed u;)


omg how did i just find you??? subscribed!

1rabidSANDCAT lewis says:

You are so funny! Love the message and how well you have it. Respect and

Coily Hair says:

Very comprehensive… in depth, very poignant explanation. 

Jennefer Kempenaar says:

wilkine… i love your spirit and message. keep doing your thing. And
btw… you are cute. Love your smile and dreads

ebruba joseph akpotor says:

please tell them 

Jordan Clarke says:

it’s a mystery novel. lol, that’s pretty accurate.

Lyrical Harmony says:

I LOOOOVE this video! As an Naturalista for almost six years, I think you
spoke very eloquently about the natural hair problems and discussions I
face daily. I think you did an excellent job explaining the underlying
ideologies in our culture especially when it comes to stigmatisms from
European ideas. I throughly enjoyed the video and find it refreshing for an
African American male speak on the topic so sensitive to men and women
alike in our culture. Keep it up:) Thanks for this video definitely sharing
on FB

Destiny Lindsey says:

I this video is ignorant, for you to say you only see beaut in natural hair
woman, I am relaxed and have no problem withh getting a man or nun I just
feel natural hair not for everyone, everybody dnt want to talk around with
a dry, matted bird nest on their head. A lot of more black woman need to
start perming it up because it is not beautiful is disgusting

ellawoise says:

Where were messages like this when I was a kid?? This video, or one like
it, could have saved me from TWENTY YEARS of hating my natural hair! I
finally embraced it two years ago when I had to stop getting relaxers due
to serious health problems. Now, when I look at my head full of tight
little coils I feel like the best version of myself. It is very heartening
to see a man explain the complexities of the natural hair issue so well. I
can no longer imagine straightening my hair, because I treasure the
uniqueness of my curl pattern. 

nerissafelice1 says:

You make me proud! Your ability to articulate so well is refreshing. My
preference is short, natural hair (twa) and I also grow it out sometimes so
I can weave it. Weave can be extremely addictive not only for aesthetic
reasons but it is “fuss free” hair and a welcomed break from the fickleness
of natural hair styling. With that said, I too agree that the dependence on
hair extensions and weaves is indeed the source of the problem in our
community. I am susceptible to it also which is why I routinely cut all of
my hair off at least once every couple years. As soon as I find myself
jumping from weave to weave and arranging my life around hair appointments
so I don’t have to go to work with my natural hair….I cut it off. Its a
drastic strategy but once I see myself in the mirror I am reminded of who I
really am and its totally exhilarating. I’ve watched many videos featuring
male perspectives on natural hair and yours has been the most interesting
and accurate by leaps and bounds. Thank you for sharing! 

Leslie Smith says:

I agree with you. I’m a 46 year old woman I did the big chop and I’ve never
felt more free, beautiful and strong. Thank you for supporting black
beautiful and natural woman :))

tamaraetyrell says:

Love your point that no one on earth has our distinct unique coiled hair
and that not out of cockiness, but joy and self love we should embrace
this. I love my hair. I can style it so many ways! It’s so much fun to do.
No creme crack for me!!! :-D Lol 

WaitingForAliens says:

I just saw one of your videos for the first time and I love hearing from
and watching you! Regardless of the topic, you make me laugh so much; I
always feel educated after seeing your videos! You certainly earn your
subscriptions :D thank you!

Wilkine Brutus says:

Check out my newest video

Truth Light says:
vtgurlie2005 says:

oh my goodness, the barbie comment is sooooo true. i never thought about
this but i can’t remember having a black doll that didn’t have hair that
was like mine (with the exception of my cabbage patch doll). wow i never
thought about how much i’ve been brainwashed to believe my natural hair was
ugly. thanks for the video,

Kim Chi says:

I have been asked dumbass questions since as far back as I can remember. I
cannot seem to find a ‘natural hair salon’ here in Central Texas. I have
had questions from ‘natural’ stylists like: “You have GOOD hair, why would
you___”…fill in the blank. “GOOD HAIR”?! I cut 4″ off permed ends off Feb
2013. I am doing another big chop in March. I’m currently transitioning
from braid extension “dependency”, as WB delicately put it, to loc’ing my
hair. My hair has been “talking to me” for the last 5-6 years and I am
listening to it…to the letter. Peace. 

banditsw11 says:

your dreadlocks are so sick!!!!!

Asaru nelson says:

Black Women’s Natural Hair: why MEN prefer it!

hodgemama says:

Thanks for this it was beautiful! you are beautiful… damn.

ichoose2bhappy says:

Thanks for my daily laugh. I still can’t believe blacks have a problem with
who the are. I don’t like the statement “I want to run my hand through your
hair.” I’m not a house pet and shouldn’t be touched like one. Hey to each
his own. Thanks again for the video.

Brittney Williamson says:

I feel like it is more of a social problem than a racial problem. I have
had micro-locks for 8 years, and I have gotten negative feedback from both
ethnic and non-ethnic races about my hair, and it’s representation.
Unfortunately, Black Women do more damage to one another than any good, we
beat one another down, and unfortunately we can not break that cycle.

jerry ball says:


Cortni Kirk says:

side note….. it wasn’t bc of the pins in her (Gabby Douglas) hair but bc
of the awkward cone-like shape of her ponytail that caused alot of negative

Nakecha Williams says:

Love this vid! Thank you so much for the positivity. :)

Aliesha musicBmyPassion says:

trying too hard to sound intelligent. Yes, dreadlocks are strands of hair
that has successfully matted together…Now as for the mold, I’ve never
heard of anyone with African textured hair getting mold in their
dreadlocks…because it’s a NATURAL afrocentric style for us….now MAYBE
if it’s not afro textured and the person is trying TOO hard to get their
hair to lock…then I could understand it…because with dreads you can
wash your hair normally….Also going back to length….my hair grows

MrNastydread says:

once again you are quite right with your perspective, but I am partial to
women with Locs

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