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Natural Hairstyle ~ Kinky/Curly Puff (Thick Natural Hair) | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Natural Hairstyle ~ Kinky/Curly Puff (Thick Natural Hair)

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StarlessTerrace says:

I really like your puff. How do you prevent your hair from tangling while
it’s in this style? Also, how long does it take you to detangle your hair
after this style?

Msystical says:

Beautiful :) Please can you do a video about the flaxseed gel. Thank you
for your informative videos, very much appreciated. God bless X

NaturalGloree says:

I would like to try your flax seed gel recipe. How does your hair feel when
dry after using it?

Justcool Ncurly says:

are you wetting or washing your hair everyday and then applying the gel?

naturallymesmooches says:

I am interested in that flax seed gel

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Thanks You :-)

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Video coming very soon :-)

Vânia Luz says:

Você é linda. Amei o seu cabelo ;)

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Gel recipe coming soon !

Crimson2AT says:

Love it; your hair is gorgeous, and the video is well-produced.

Hadiatu Jalloh says:

I am definitely interested in that flax seed gel video!!

Kimberly Clarke says:

im interested in the flax seed gel video

Bonita Hill says:

Flaxseed Gel PLEASE!!! I know yours will be the best. Thank you!!

GreenBeautyChannel says:

It’s coming lol

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Thanks, I’ve been natural for a little past two years :-)

GreenBeautyChannel says:

When I first went natural I use to put my hair in this cute and completely
protective style. I have a video up titled, “Natural Hairstyle ~ Twist Updo
(Thick Natural Hair)” it’s a great protective style that can be done on
medium length hair. Let me know if you need me to do a video on a
protective style for shorter hair.

Rasheda Tennant says:


Bruce Stipanovich says:

Hi, I really love your protective hairstyles. Can you do some styles that
mid length to short length naturals can wear?

hardymem says:

Would love a flaxseed formula, also could you recommend a good place to buy
the seeds.

GreenBeautyChannel says:

That’s great I’ll definitely make a video on my flax seed gel recipe, in
the near future. Well, I never put any type of gel in my hair unless it’s
wet. Secondly, it’s important to layer products when you use gel
(especially with OUR dry hair type).

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Your welcome. I happy to hear that my videos are helping you!

angeliquemcnally says:

Love you puf and your outfit :-)

msladynatural00 says:

Flaxseed video please.

Neybulla says:

Me too please ! ;-)

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Thanks you … I haven’t had a relaxer in over four years but, I have been
natural for 2 and half years

Babydoll2001zchi says:

Have you already posted the flaxseed gel video?

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Very soon … Stay tuned :-)

GreenBeautyChannel says:

Good question … No I’m not. All I do at night is take out the stocking
leg and put my hair into a pineapple. I’m going to upload a video on how I
maintain all me styles

Zeelulubelle says:

Flaxseed !

babyb0ogwen says:

Nice outfit! How long have you been natural?

shnt3571 says:

woow new subie I thanks you for you info hair is shedding and needed to
know why thanks for protein moisture vid.

GreenBeautyChannel says:

So, the first layer is water (b/c your hair should be wet). The second
layer should be some kind of oil (I recommend light oil like jojoba oil –
not too much). The third layer should be the gel. This way your hair is
super moisturized underneath the gel. So, when your hair finally dries, it
will appear shiny and healthy.

donice1521 says:

Please share your skin care regimen.

lgfuad4lyf says:

I would like to know your flaxseed gel recipe

dawn123ish says:

Wow your videos are awesome. How long have you been relaxer free?

Cynthia Wilson says:

flaxseed gel recipe please!

GreenBeautyChannel says:

I will definitely upload a video on my flax seed formula for thick natural
hair in the near future. I recommend going to Wholefoods for flax seeds.
Stick with organic flax seeds that are dark brown, whole seeds and not
grinded. :-)

Jo Rhodes says:

what a great video. My hair is your type, and I cant wait for it to get
that long. Im only a year and two months natural from a low fade. Thanks
for the video.

kiekie0122 says:

I would love to know how to make the gel

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