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Hotter than Fire | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Hotter than Fire

Finger waves and feathers.

Reblogged 3 years ago from www.youtube.com


gabby jones says:

Omg she is so fuckin hot I’m (bi) n single lol

Niqua Wright says:

finally learned to do finger waves thanks to you. thanks soo much

vanessa reed says:


Crystal West says:

What kind of gel did u use

elisha rudeberg says:

ooooo..dat is nice

b dub says:


79caty says:

Looks nasty

Weezie says:

My goodness! You make it look so easy.

Luis Tirado says:


maribel salgado says:

Awesome fingerwaves!(:

Pooh Bear says:

I like that really nice

Shaquierra Mayo says:

This is great…

khilah brown says:

love it on her :)

Detochkin Mag says:

wow!!!! thank you so much!

kelly mariee says:

Beautiful work even though it is hella ghetto

Toya Hill says:

I love it, i been tryin to learn how to do finger waves
fooooooorrrrreeeevvvveeer cause i love em so much, i just wish she would do
finger waves all around it would have matched her red locks.

Rox Lon says:

lawddd i love this

Latitia Barnes says:

Thats so cuteeee!!!!!!!!

lovely minnie says:

omg!! loved the hairstyle

Nyaloro says:


TOYA V L says:

i love it!! i remember many days i was in school i had to do the fingerwave
with only one comb my teacher didnt play .. go girl that touched my heart !

Ashley Jenne says:

that is bad freaking A55 i love it

Wavy Max says:

Wow I was having problems trying to get them real neat like yours but I
didn’t think about using two combs, awesome job

nylaa a says:


Ike Creamer says:

Cute girl but finger waves is from the 90′s .. Around my way you get laffed
at if ur under 40 and have them

Jazmine Flowers says:

So sweet I’m in beauty school and we just learned it today

lucyobillo35 says:

I think this is the best finger wave style i’ve seen so far. Is it
necessary to use so much gel and can this be done on long hair?

Pammella1313 says:

WOW !!!! I love this look!! Great JOb!!!!!

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