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QUEENS. Beautiful women with dread locks | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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QUEENS. Beautiful women with dread locks

Natural Hair. Beautiful women with dreads.. locks.

Reblogged 4 years ago from www.youtube.com


slim badu says:

i need a black girl with dreadlocs lbvs

Breeze says:

this video is positively beautiful! thank you for sharing:) if pos please
allow permissions for it to be shared on different devices … mobiles
tablets etc

Charleston Battle says:

I noticed somethiing about this video. Great Video by the way. I noticed
that most of the black women that has the locks protrayed as beautiful,
were mostly light skinned and the ones that were dark skinned wore makeup.
This shows how bad the self esteem is amongs black women. More of this
needs to be promoted, especially to the darker women. The ratio is too
small vs (Hair Straighteners & Weaves). Also being a black man and woman,
this style literally cost nothing compaired to aquiring and the service of
installing someone elses hair that is not event theirs.

Chris B says:

damn the sista @ 3:11 doe

MichelleAusetMistressofMagik Auset Ra Amen says:

Niyabinghi Warriors…

raumkraehe says:

My own dreads demand heavy maintenance because my hair is too straight (I’m
half asian)
Dreadlocks look very different on straight / afro hair, but I love both.
Black people should be proud of their hair texture, it looks really
gorgeous <3
Nice video! Cheers!

mignelia cox says:

We are ALL unique divine creatures of the One …let us rejoice in our
individuality and not compare skin color, mon , all of these women are
beautiful as are you, although it may not be detected in your words…vee.

Cheryl Keys says:

I love this video. Just starting my loc journey and proud of it!!! peace
& Blessings

Florence Alloy says:

who is the first girls please ?

Queen Abike Idowu says:

Love this video!

vee0522 says:

White women.. no comparison..its funny hw they try so hard to get boobs,
buttocks, skin tan,etc. like us..WE ARE NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL..and u know dis

TheBeuncagainor says:

Wow thats amazing. I want my picture up!

Marquis Keeton says:

beautiful natural women very sexy

vee0522 says:

Nice video.

$waggMon$ter$ says:

The chick at 4:50 doe :)

sunny knuckles says:

I love black women soooooooooooooo much, I love to see black women in-tuned
with who and what they are!

21jannin says:

hmm, that sounds like america today. every race does something(s) they
shouldn’t be proud of. for some white people to think they are so
intelligent and civilized, you sure exhibited (and some of you still show
the same behavior today, you for instance) very animalistic behavior. I
don’t even want to say animalistic because animals only behave viciously
when threatened or to eat. I can tell you love to spread hate, thus the
reason you’re watching this video in the first place.

SuperTruthful says:

That’s your opinion and I stated mine!!!!

AthosAmo says:

I’m a Spaniard, you fool. LOL!

SlickSopranoXXX says:

What does that non-factual bullshit have to do with what I originally said
3 months ago? Get a life and out of your mom’s house, lonely virgin boy!

KMELIZ21 says:

she’s a chef based out of atl chef ahki

KMELIZ21 says:


KMELIZ21 says:


AthosAmo says:

Shut up, faggot. You never contributed one iota to European civilization.

thezigzagman87 says:

Who’s the very first woman, though?

drumsticksNnunchakus says:

So MANY breath-taking moments…LOVE me some natural Sistah’s!!!…thnx for
the vid!…


Wow, people are so bitter…the locks are pretty point blank. People argue
to much.

mm jones says:

We are not from the Zulu tribe. I am sure you know this. That’s why your on
this page working for Satan to see if we truly know who we really are.

AuNaturral says:

why are women with dreads so damn sexy?? I mean…seriously

JJoh4040 says:


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