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Natural Black Hair Care | “Hair Loss In Women” Update (2013) | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Natural Black Hair Care | “Hair Loss In Women” Update (2013)

My natural black hair has been through a lot of setbacks. This is 1 week before my 5 month hair update. I twisted some of my short hair, so that you can get …

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AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

For whatever reason I cannot reply to some of your comments so here we go:
@MsUniquelyDesigned-Thank you girl!

@kinky grace – This is so true! Thank you Grace :)

@Naturallyorz- Thank you so much! Yes, it was hard, but you are right, some
is better than none. Have a great day :)

@TheSweettarts1234- Thank you hun. Thank you for stopping by ;)

@torie grant- Awww, you are so sweet. Thank you. I appreciate your kind
words :) Many Blessings xoxo

@melissa haren- Thank you Melissa! You are the best! You are always so kind
to me. Stay blesed and stop by anytime <3

@123leahm- Thank you so much. I am glad this is inspiring to you. It is
growing back. I will have my 6 month hair update video soon. Blessings :)

@iddi afridi – I sent you an inbox message xox

coraza naoro says:

My opinion, buyin hair products is a waste of money and hair health is in
your dna. My daughters hair is kinky and grows to her butt where mine has
never passed shoulder length. I even stopped relaxing almost a year ago and
rarely use heat but hair still breaks the same way. It is what it is.

iddi afridi says:

well i’ve heard that u should use fresh onion juice instead of stored juice

123leahm says:

Your hair/scalp looks healthy to me too. What you are doing seems to be
working. Keep up the good work, I am inspired!

melissa haren says:

I just kept staring at her eyes too. I know garlic is used ingested or
shampoo-wise for shedding. if anyone can recommend a surefire solution for
breakage for which I am experiencing it’ll be greatly appreciated.

melissa haren says:

You are gorgeous and your voice is sweet too; I see progress with your
hair; I’m still trying out the onion juice. ill try to make an update video
soon since the first video was done around October 9th.

torie grant says:

You are cute and look good with short hair. I love the short hair look but
so don’t suit it at all. Good post.

TheSweettarts1234 says:

Love the update….. It is growing really well.

Naturallyorz says:

Sorry about the breakage, but I’m glad you had some growth!!! Your eyes are

kinky grace says:

It’s growing. A little progress is better than none at all. : )

MsUniquelyDesigned says:

very good update

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Awww!! That is so nice of you to write to me. I am happy that you are
happy. God has been good. I am still watching to see if it is really
growing back and that it is not falling out in other areas. I really do
hope it is. I am grateful that you took time our of your day to watch and
write. I appreciate your feedback and your excitement. Keep being a
sweetheart. Ladies like you are such a blessings. Blessings sis :) xox

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you beautiful! You are much to kind :) Have a great day and write

PiecesofNika says:

I have definitely been leaving my edges alone! They are the most fragile
hairs on our head. I will stop stressing over it, and keep using my castor
oil on them.

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you so much Lady :) Look who’s talking! You hair is beautiful as
well. Stay in touch xoxo

jadorevastia says:

cause sometimes I get bored with routines lol.. I want to switch it up
sometimes. Not so much products but more so implementing things. I want to
still keep it simple though.. my implement one new thing every couple of
months hehehe since i haven’t been coloring my hair ( which i miss) and I
haven’t really been doing much to it different. Idk im trying to switch it
up and sprinkle my creativity a bit without making a MAJOR commitment if
that makes sense.

marquita83 says:

no prob!! :) ok cool!! :)

Aleita Michelle says:

You are very beautiful ma’am!

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you for your prayers and for your words of encouragement. I am glad
it looks thicker to you. That makes me feel better. Maybe I am focusing on
it so much, I don’t even notice the difference. I am going to leave it
alone and see what happens. *fingers crossed*

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Really!! Awesome :D I really do hope it doesn’t go bald again like last
time. I will for sure keep you updated! Thank you

Chelsea Baymon says:

It looks like the little hairs are actually haid that are growing back not
falling out. It looks fuller to me than the last video! You are so strong
girl, continue to do what you did before when you got it to grow in nice! I
pray it gets better for you!

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you. I will continue with the old regimen and keep my fingers crossed
that is is growing back. Blessings

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you! I really do hope they are growing back, I checked out your
latest video and your edges look thick to me. You may have had them covered
in the video though. To be honest the last thing I would think of is
alopecia. It could be styling, products, rough handling, stress, age,
genetics, and so much more. Alopecia is the last thing I would ever think
to suggest….unless there are tell tale signs like bald spots (AA) or if
your hair keeps growing and breaking (CCCA) … (cont)

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

*Hugs back* Thank you so much. I will take your advice and keep it simple.
Thank you for your encouragement :)

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Your hair looks very healthy to me. Yes, just keep it simple (like I am now
starting to do) and leave the edges alone. Most of us ladies have issues
with our edges and nape area. But it doesn’t mean it’s alopecia. Don’t even
think of it and stress yourself. You are fine hun ;) I am also massaging
with a new castor oil mix and it seems to be working. I will fill you all
in soon. Thank you and I will! Blessings hun :)

MyNaturalMyChoice says:

Hey. I just got in from work and I couldn’t wait to watch your video! I am
sooooo happy your hair is growing! Praise God! Keep up the good work!
Thumbs up =)

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you beautiful!

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you hun. I will continue to keep it simple. It’s always nice when you
stop by xox

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

Thank you. That is awesome that you can keep it so simple. That is a weight
off your shoulders. If your hair is growing and you have no hair issues,
are you sure you want to try out the onion juice? I mean if your hair is
fine and growing well, keep up the regimen you have. Even if it seems “too
simple”. It’s better than trying out new things and then causing hair
setbacks. Many of the hair setback videos I see, is because of a new
product introduced. I am keeping it simple from now on…lol

purtoy2009 says:

You look nice with short hair and the hat:)))

Palscrapsterry says:

Hopefully it will continue to fill back in just continue to do basic regime
wash, deep cond.., moisture and seal

jadorevastia says:

great update!

Nunusstyles says:

Yes sis, keep it simple & form a regimen with consistent products. You’ll
be fine. Stay positive. ((Hugs))

PiecesofNika says:

It looks like its starting to fill in to me! My edges are like that near my
temples. Do you think that is signs of alopecia? I just do like you said
and I leave them alone so I won’t break them off any worse than they
already are. I just massage with castor oil sometimes. I hide it with the
rest of my hair. Your hair still looks thick to me! Just continue to let it

jadorevastia says:

Yes with keeping it simple!! I have been doing the same lately. I have to
see if my head would like onion mask. I always said I was going to try it
and never got around to doing so.. I am the worse lol but I am so simple
it’s very ridiculous

Fireopal94 says:

Looks like it’s growing back…YAY!!!! The simple reg. works for you.
Looking forward to seeing your progress! <3

marquita83 says:

thankz for the update!! i believe your hair might be growing back in thast
what its looking like to me hopefully., but it will just stick to what you
know if what you were doing before helped your hair thats cool if its not
broke dont fix it lol cool vid and keep it up!!

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

LOL! Just a little ;) You’re so sweet. It could have been rough handling.
The hair in that area is a lot more thin/delicate than the other side. I am
going to continue to watch and see. Hopefully it just keeps filling in.
Thank you for stopping by this Monday morning. It is always appreciated.
Enjoy the rest of your week hun :)

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

I always feel the love Monday morning from you xo I had a horrible night,
but it’s so nice to have the support! It makes starting off the week a
blast :) I am glad you think it is growing back. I hope so. I still can’t
tell at this point. It seems like the area got bigger, but I am not sure.
Daily Vlogs…lol There would have to be a lot more like you for me to take
on such an endeavor. I have a vlog day coming up & if ppl like it, may
consider doing more. Daily? Hmm…We will see :D Much Luv

Missguidedgirl4 says:

IF the thinning is only in that area then I would think that maybe rough
handling was the cause. Although I do believe that sticking to what works
is always the best!! Looks like it is improving so no harm no foul right?
Well a little harm. Great video.

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

You’re welcome ;) I hear you hun. If it’s not broke, I am no longer going
to try to fix it! Awesome words of wisdom on this Monday morning. I do hope
it is growing back. That would be amazing. I will keep you updated xox

Montreals714 says:

It looks like the hair is growing back. But it’s best to do what you know

jay mee says:

you look sooo damn hot with the hat on! your hair looks great to me, i can
c the thinning, but it looks like its growing back. keep these vids coming
i look forwards to mondays to see you…. you should do daily vlogs or
something bye

AlopeciaFreeWithJass says:

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