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Beautiful Black Women (Natural Hair Styles) | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Beautiful Black Women (Natural Hair Styles)

goto http://therealtalkradioshow.podbean.com to hear the entire show.

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rickames says:

Hollywood, i wish there was a competitor. The stereotypes of sexes, races,
gender is terrrible! Looking @ this clip defined only a fraction of the
beauty of our women.

kelvinfromlondon says:

show them sister -shell out weave hair and bleach face, Black and Proud we

tfnmi says:

but i have seen many africans (not even talking about african americans
here) who don’t have the “oversized” features you are talking about, Pubic
hair is defined by where it is? last time i checked the head was not a
pubic area, i’m sorry but you really do need to get over the high horse
that you seem to be on because of some genetic accident that put you in an
ethnic group that you feel is the epitome of beauty of some reason. your
comment denotes one that has no idea about the varying …

Sexi Kween says:

why do we as black women keep trying to look like them, do u see any of
those straight haired women be it indian chinese or white trying to get
hair like ours…no but we sew&glue their hair or synthetic hair onto our
head and say that we look more polished more finished an a whole lot of hog
wash……we need to love ourselves and embrace who we are….we want the
respect of the world but we don’t embrace who we are…

Andrea Davis says:


KayKAtkins says:

I really enjoy your video…thanks and keep up the good work!

Luci Miller says:

@MrSandalbakiak OH, You will soon find out. However, since you’re a fool,
and a bold fool at that, I don’t have anything more to say to you other
than, “It is appointed to man to die once & after that, judgment.” Oh, the
Judge? … is Jesus The Christ, Yeshua haMoshiach ben HaShem. Have fun!

FEMALE says:

This song is ON POINT!!

canadate123 says:


Gibson Altidor says:

Was reading comments to the idiot down there in the ranks to claim nappy
isn’t natural. You are partially right cause the term is Kinky hair. You
probably still place a standard of beauty as the white European
woman….sad …fuck what the haters gotta say I might be the last of a
dying breed but i love my beautiful and natural Sistas…..

douglachild says:

Da pic of u here is a small pic but from wat I can see u r sexiii mama lol ;)

bromancollins says:

1:19 Simply stunning!! All of these sistas are str8 representing!!!! Much

dwayne johnson says:

And natural hair is beautiful if managed properly, im not talking about
going out the house without an effort to the hair

carlos andre soares dos santos says:

são perfeitas belas negras não a como diser que as brancas e mas lindas
essas negras são maravilhosas e seu cabelo pixaim e sensual deixa a mulher

MrNothing43 says:

i think black women (women in general) are beautiful, im 29, male,
hispanic, with light complexion (people think im half white sometimes) and
i love black women……but they don’t really like me….. most roll their
eyes at me…. there is this girl at work, shes so beautiful, but i dont
even know how to begin to talk to her….. black women are not attracted to
me, wish it was to other way around

TheRedalert7 says:

Looking at this video, it is clearly evident that the creator did not make
a mistake with natural hair. Now i hope whites etc will understand why we
call our black women queens. Simply marvelous!!

tfnmi says:

Does it increase or decrease your own in anyway? Are you suddenly by using
one sentence, going to make every natural haired black person start cursing
their genetics? Whatever the purpose, your comments stinks of ignorance and
a proudness that could only lead to your downfall. For the record,
oversized features are beautiful as well, Once again I have seen these
features that you find to be the embodiment of beauty and and on some
people?..no they didn’t “help”

kemetian09 says:

Light skin, keener features, curly or wavy hair do not always mean being
mixed. The black race comes in many shades, features, and hair types. Of
course, the unenlightened would not know this.

cocoagurl72 says:

i disagree if a tranny stop takin his,her female,male hormones pills or
shot. their body will return back to it original state,blk ppl hair follow
suit.exactly why they have to get a touch-up every few weeks.i just had
this discuss with a wht racist about nappy hair on top of a straight
weave,or nappy at the roots,but perm on the ends.when u add some to any its
no longer natural.even in africa some africans are permin,weave their
hair.process is not natuural

lsmanure says:

Let me ask you something.if you are a female,would you go outside in a tank
top, and not have your arm pits shaved? You see hair on your arm pits is a
natural thing like that hair on your head.but let`s be realistic,the hair
under our arms is as nappy as it is natural.but,how many women,or your self
,do you see styling hairy armpits? None.it ain`t gonna happen.reality sets
in.,and women shave those nappy naturally hairy arm pits.this is called
hair management.Women`s Crowns deserve adoration

Elliot Williams says:

@sybellah our hair does produce oil its just that since our hair grows up
and out of our head and the many twist and turns the oil doesn’t go down
the length of our hair follicle. i have an Afro and my hair doesn’t get
that dirty often so i don’t use shampoo a lot but since it get dry easily i
usually spray it with water and cap it with olive oil plus washing it with
conditioner most of the time and that takes care of the problem. read the
science of black hair that helps me a lot.

BeefAndCookies5000 says:

these are some Fiiiine black women

taylorpassify says:

I’m witcha sistaz! We are beautiful end of story! Nobody can take tht from
us..no matter how hard they try!

fred rodriguez says:


dwayne johnson says:

good thing our hair is immune to sun damage, that is why its the way it is,
no sun bleaching or sun damage can happen to.

Sexi Kween says:

AMEN to that…

BeBeSoFly11 says:

I’m so happy to have come across this video. It’s so simple, yet touching.
Naturally black women are even more beautiful. I wish ALL black women would
join the ALL natural world. Ahhh, my black is beautiful. Great video. :)

Darren Wright says:

i’m only 20 years old, and I would love to see my young queens with they
natureal hair

MrSandalbakiak says:

@walksbyf8h amennnnnnnnnnnnnnn LOL

lsmanure says:

youtube: Ancient African hairstyles: and see what real natural hair looks


Go to God and deal with him about your jealousy over black features. He
made millions of people like that and they have existed over thousands of
years. Intellectuals have even traced that Jesus Christ was black, before
whites moved in and intermingled with the Jews centuries later (hence the
hair you speak of on Jews’ heads). I say jealousy because of our
overwhelming talent – Usain Bolt, Jimi Hendrix, Mathematics, the
Pyramids.Don’t tell me you don’t like Rock’n'Roll. Go talk to the big G.

Jhamira Willis says:

Lol @ the hating white people on a video title “Beautiful Black Women
(Natural Hair Styles)” If I hated anything, I’d have absolutely nothing to
do with it or them.

lsmanure says:

i`m sorry i`m not feeling the “buckwheat” look.. the braids are cool

dwayne johnson says:

wow that is messed up, that is wrong with the black community we do not
support each other

T Kennedy says:

So beautiful!!!

crystalice19able says:

My favorite is the woman at 1:23! I would really like to know how to do
that hairstyle!

cocoagurl72 says:

perms,curls,relaxers,etc. are man made, olive oil is made from god.0f which
is the olive tree we can eat it,drink it etc. because god made it for us.I
read your comment earlier when you said blk women look ridiculous w/afro
would soon come to their senses that nappy hair ain`t natural which it
is.bw have been brainwashed by the white establishment for centuries about
their hair,looks,n body parts now we are going back to our natural roots of
our hair everyone has something to say

MostEnigmatic says:

Africans don’t look one particular way and come in variety of shades with
different eye colors. I know it’s hard to believe because media mostly only
shows you the jet black skinned Africans with black hair and that’s it. You
will find many Africans with a variety of features and skin tones just as
much as African Americans

Gino Quinones says:

This is a stupid thing to say. Whats the matter with you? You have no
class. You really coming down on people for being born with something they
cant control? Your disgusting. These women in the video were gorgeous.

The whimsical Fuzzwald says:

This is stupid, I knew there would be some type of debate in the comment
section. Guys just get along. -__- Anyways, my favorite photos were 1:04
and 2:04, they were adorable! :3

cocoagurl72 says:

.soon black women who practice nappy will find out how ridiculous they
look. ain`t nothing natural about nappy. sorry.Luv~ya<-u wrote this.olive oil was around since NOAH,n ppl had olive oil in clay jars not bottles.toothpaste,perms was invented by MAN usin CHEMERICALS.hair without chemericals is natural n not nature as u mention,as for the bw in your city who wouldnt be caught dead with socalled nappy hair,thats their problem.they will wake up sooner or later

Sharon Anderson says:

I love this video and i show my daughter this video so she can see that


….and that comment is dumb, because many people have dead-straight pubic
hair. So chose your words better, to avoid embarassing your own self.

dwayne johnson says:

but nigerians still have nappy hair as we do so samo sameo lol

Jes43 says:

im Dominican but have kinky hair me and my mother decided to go natural
and we are loving it ill never go back to relaxers. I encourage anyone who
is thinking of going natural to go ahead and do it

lsmanure says:

same as perms do, condition hair to make it easy to comb. But conditioners
we use in a bottle do not grow on trees, or are “dug up”.So many Black
women say they. “ENOUGH WITH PERMS” Ok then.cool.But remember,”The English
language is the dialect we speak.and the word ,” Natural” does not apply to
today`s hair care,in Black or White people.Period


Well, you must be really enlightened, because in all my knowledge,it meant
that to me. You sure you’re not talking about an IMMEDIATE
mixing,i.e.different race father and mother?Because mixing took place long
ago and the “keener” (hate that word) features were put into blacks then.So
lots of black couples are socially black, but (in a strict biological
sense) are mixed.It was very evident to me when I saw Keenan Wayans doing a
skit among Africans and he didn’t resemble them – “white” features.

BronzeEmpress says:

Very nice video :)

lsmanure says:

cocoagurl172. then we agree.. this is only my point., you have people
saying “natural”.which seems to give reference that it is a back to
heritage thing.I have seen people who do not use heat or perms,and have
great managed hair. yet they use other man made products. if i put a drop
of hair grease in my hair., it is not natural.so in hair care., natural
hardly exist.Even Olive oil is man made.yet it is the most close to natural
earth products., henna oil is another.


@e1hazeleyes lmfaooo! best response.

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