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Cassie´s long black and very thick hair | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Cassie´s long black and very thick hair


Donat Savoie says:

oh very beautiful hairs

166PolarBear says:

can there be a more sensuous sight

Achtung Panzer! says:


Slim Young says:

Very thick beautiful hair.

Victoria Fang says:

where is her SHIRT we want hair not nakedness-_-.. but its pretty very
pretty im jealous :)

felicias16 says:

@Yemmuh4444 I have never done anything bad for my hair? I’ve never dyed it,
always let it airdry, and I curl/staight my hair 2-3times year as I said.

Trisha Foolheea says:

my hair is JUST like that!!

jazz nicholson says:

wtf full of yourself much ….

CuteCatCassie says:


purealba01 says:

Very beautiful hair as well as female body =)

fizzyissie says:

@fluffyfilthylaundry omg i was just thinkin the same thing about the hair
porn part, her hair is beautiful

990free says:

Cassie your hair is beautiful!!!

Sephyiroth Masamune says:

Ass and Hair for DAYS.. but the Music though.. Lmfao.

21SayWhat21 says:

I was watching a documentary about hair…you know they run around cutting
off people’s pony tails in India to sell them!?!?!?!?! Treasure that hair
girl it’s beautiful =]! Its rare to see long thick straight hair lol. How
often do you clip your ends??

ನವೀನ್ ಎ೦ ಆರ್ says:

wait till ur hair grow downto ur butt, then u dont need any top dress to
coverup, and also update the growth now plz…. waiting,,,,,

LSVN says:

the first thing that popped into my mind was Lady Godiva

Brittany Harris says:

Love Your HAIR But Aleast Put A Shirt On

sabrinarayana says:

what hair dye did you use to achieve this black colour??have you got a
brand to tell me because i love this colour….and did it damage your
hair?it looks so natural!i can’t believe that you’re dark blonde in
reality!i’m in love with your hair ……

Mark H. says:

How short did you cut it?

Kendra Evans says:

did you weird mother freakers watch some girl play in her hair, straight

ImPalacio says:

@CeCeBANANApower Spanish people? Since its a spanish word.

Brooke Thorpe says:

@bratzfanlover1012 actually negro is the more proper way of saying it.

HanabiHyuga0426 says:

Please pose new videos please please please please please

CuteCatCassie says:

hi everybody, my hair is now shoulder length and complete outgrown (my
natural haircolour is light brown). now i let my hair grow again and when
my hair is back at the length as in the video then i will show u a new
video :) i think i does not take long and i guess in 1,5 years its done ;)
until then, sweet greetz from germany

TheGreasyfries says:

your hair is 1/4 as thick as mine, hahaha

TheBabydymond says:

ma new goal lolz

Edchiro says:

Wow! So sorry to hear this. I hope you grow it long again…

CuteCatCassie says:

Hi guys, thank you all for your lovely comments and now the bad message: my
hair is short. i cut it off! because my hair was too weighty and i grow out
the black colour, my natural haircolour is dark blonde. yess, my long hair
was so beautiful but i think short hair can also be beautiful <3

logolover24 says:

I really love your hair ;)

TomiieeBear says:

you have nice hair but you didnt need to take of ya top please

Green Heart says:

Fucking jealous, thats what I am. Lol

tsephanyah1 says:

Waarom heb je geen t-shirt aan, wat een rare vraag, heeft ze geen mooie
huid dan?

Shunta26 says:

@salcala100 why do you have to be negro why can’t you just be black ???

Fingerschmied says:

Why you guys so prude? For what a schirt please? Just enjoy that anonyme
gorgeous hair!

Sweety michaels says:

dude , you just made out with your har . lmao hair porn …… but i admit
its gorgeous woman!

Corpsmistress says:

I wish my hair was this dark! I have a more brown hue to mine, and it
really doesn’t hold well to color

kumar sa says:

i love ur hair too please add new videos of ur hair i hv much passion to
smell ur hair

210BrownEyes210 says:

This is the PRETTIEST hair i’ve EVER seen!:D

sabrinarayana says:

@gogopartyGIRL:it’s not her natural color:you must read her comments she
have say that she actually wants to return to her natural hair color which
is darkblonde….that’s why I have tell her the question lol! And I have
also very long and very thick curly hair I’m Arabic…..

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