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how to style an undercut with nautral hair | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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how to style an undercut with nautral hair

the laziest video over. Please don’t kill me. I just wanted to show the versatility of undercuts with normal styles. **The song playing is Girls on Girls by …

Reblogged 3 years ago from www.youtube.com


AlwaysSetApart says:

This song is hella annoying wtf

Izzy says:

u have GAGES

TheMearig says:

Great video

sickest barber says:


freddy jones says:

Make more videos please!!!!!

Summersaurusrawr says:

You’re gorgeous ♥_♥

HarmonyIsRare says:

Finally! I’ve been wondering how to style my undercut. Loveeeeee it. Thanks

wellergurl says:

What r u talking about …lazy? That was a great vid girly! Nice to see u
back…..with ur always bitchen ass remixes!!!! LOVES IT!!!!!!!

Fairyxx says:

New video please

Amanda W says:

I just saw this and I want an undercut; your style is AWESOME

Caramelbeauty852 says:

love ur hair……..what color lipstick is that

Shawn Mac says:


Lexi1531 says:

Oh Gosh *__* you’re soo pretty and look a little bit like Janet Jackson

Kyla Danae says:

what dye did you use to dye the front did you get a lot of damage ?

Sanovia Wattley says:

yay! you’re natural again =D

naturalhairuk says:

Who run the world? You and the undercut!

Marys HairObsession says:

Hey… you’ve probably heard this before but – you really look like Lisa
Bonet!!! Pretty!!!

I'Yonna Pickens says:

how long did you leave the twist in?

Randerykah80 says:

I really love your style. You are so gorgeous. Keep unloading videos. :)
Question: Do you get a lot of compliments on your under cut? Im thinking
about doing it.

OrganicBeauty says:


denisebayron says:

looks like you added a bracelet tattoo but didn’t connect it to the sleeve?
can you do an update video on the new tat? thanks. ooh, and love the last
side pony style. beautiful!

yocampout says:

that song is tooooo happy! love it. i was jammin when i clicked this on

Kyla Danae says:

u have the guts how are u gonna grow that out there no way being naturak it
takes me way to long to style and what due u use i was gonna dye my ends
blonde scared cuz my hair is so fragile

Spykes86 says:

Love it! But is your hair in a twist out? Just wondering what the texture
of your hair was? thanks!

Badooshka says:

i’m gonna show this vid to my hair stylist, i want the SAME CUT ..cool? :D

Malikah Johnson Spivey says:

i cant wait to get my undercut :)

simonewilson410 says:

I LOVE your videos, hope you make some more soon. You’re so pretty :)

Vee's Faves says:

Hey! I love your vids :)

djsugah says:

it’s been a while!! u r beautiful as always! xoxoxo

Amy Today says:

Soooo Cute and far from Lazy just really creative!!!

Simone Lindsay says:

finally a video from you… you so fab!!!

JGrace221 says:

@Randerykah80 a lot of people like it, but i think sometimes people don’t
really know whats going on unless they get close or its freshly shaved.

Sophia Smith says:


R2TheArTisT says:

i notice she fav ice cube by the face??

yattamook says:


Taylor Gregg says:

i love this i think i want to do this…i had a pixie when my hair was
relaxed so now that its growing back, ive kinda missed that short but long
thing going on…i think when my hair gets long enough, i will do
this…and now that i know that i actually CAN style it, and do things with
it, thanks <3

NaturallyCreole says:

I just found your channel. Cute styles…subbed :)

fLaCaLoCa174 says:

Do a vid update on yur tatts! &im glad yu made a new vid! I love seeing yur
vids! <3

cobainbride says:

i completely DESIRE look # 2! *haaaawt*

EmpressKwi says:

Too cute!!

SafuneChick says:

Seriously only girls with pretty faces can pull of those hair styles…lol

Valerie Greeley says:

You packed lots of INFO in this one vid!….THX♥

23artemis23 says:

my mom and dad hate it that i want an undercut, so i am going to take one
secretly. but if i want to make my hair into a knot, how can i hide it? its
going to be a smaller undercut than you have.

Toya Brown says:

awsm!! now make more videos stranger!!!

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