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How To Maintain Stretched Natural Looking Curls | Natural Hair | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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How To Maintain Stretched Natural Looking Curls | Natural Hair

Visit My Second Channel! : http://youtube.com/dearnaptural85 Catch Me on Twitter! : http://twitter.com/Nap85 Facebook Me! : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nap…

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shantididi says:

Thnx! You always have some fresh and engaging about hair. I am a real type
4 so I cant get the styles you do, but I get ideas on how to modify your
methods to make it work for my hair. Thnx so much for sharing.

LaLabutterfly says:

You look so pretty in this vid!

Jade Strickland says:

anyone else hear the sims music lol

AJR Curls says:

I love your channel so much. Thank you. I had a good twist out today and
I’m all about stretched hair.

MayHensher says:

How did you stretch it!?!?

TastyPlainPizza TPP says:

I love day 4. It looks like locs! I could get a loc look without getting
loc extensions or actually getting locs.

Jasmine Perry says:

How do you moisturize your hair when having a stretched out style like
this, the perm rods, twist out, and etc..?

Makkie Anosike says:

I love how long your hair is

Ummjadelyn says:

I would be so annoyed taking out all of those Bobbi pins haha

Virniecia says:

i tried this method but since my hair is really thick, i ended up using
ALOT of bobby pins (well over 36) i had tender thumbs the next day from
constant opening & picking out pin from my head lol

An Bau says:


Dawn Johnson says:

OMG….Great Idea!!!! 

Shakila Taylor says:

you are my hair idol

mhmcupcakes says:

You’re a life saver thank you<3 beautiful hair 

Johanna A says:

Your hair is like the most amazing thing ever.

kkgirl543 says:

its starting to look like dreds by the 4th day but I like it!

Shani Ashley says:

Check out my twist out hairstyle, its simple yet unique. 

Ariyanna Larry says:

Can you make a playlist with just your stretched hair and how you stretched
it please 

Naptural85 says:

Hey Guys!

A follow up to my Wild and Sexy Curls Tutorial, here’s how I maintain my
stretched curly styles! Also, how to get natural looking curls for an
entire week with your natural hair! I hope it helps!

XoXo! Nap

Fatima Siad says:

Thanks. :) Like I said you should keep watching her videos and not be
deterred by A-holes like the previous ones. I’m trying my best to ignore
youtube infamous keyboard warriors…… I have to admit, its heard. LOL.
She you on her next video.

sweetstarbabyy says:

Hair crush! I love how you show how versatile natural hair can be. Luv ya!

Gin4TheWin says:

Do you have to do the “big chop” in order to go natural?

RaidenTheAlmighty says:

She was still kind of being rude. Catswimski was just saying that she
wished could have this awesome hair.

Rose Kush says:

day 4 was hott

beijosparavoce says:

You mean how MANY.

beijosparavoce says:

If you stop putting it in for a while and stayed that way, you’d be
transitioning to fully natural. If you just stop for a few months and then
keep relaxing, you’d just be taking a break from relaxing. I’m personally 2
years without a relaxer. I have a few inches of relaxed hair on my ends. So
I’m not fully natural. But I’m going natural and plan to chop off the ends
sometime next year.

StuddedBeanies says:

I want your hair :(

LizOfBeths says:

This may sound silly but do you reuse bobby pins? If so how many times on

Blunt Authenticity says:

Yes but not all people of black African descent have the same texture of
hair due to varying degrees of admixture from other groups of humans. So
saying that it is afro textured is very general since people of full black
African descent don’t really have this texture

returnIIparis says:


Queenasia Cooley says:

I’m pretty sure she used curlformers. :)

jstbngme3 says:

How do you maintain moisture for your scalp and hair?

rapierce1 says:

i found your comment and pasted it… i tried to inbox you about it but i
couldn’t…i just want to know what you meant…this is what you said: “”
they give their advice(a mock client) to the learning hairstylist so they
can improve their technique. Niggers like you make me ich.”"” Thumbnail
9:02 How did things go with my hair volunteers LAST SATURDAY NEW CHANNEL by

SunshineSarahTV says:

I’m so surprised at how natural they look after stretching.

glysomed klein says:

I want you hair

Sienna Abdulahad says:

How many Bobby pins do you use?

maximuslyricus says:

I have absolutely luv’d wrapping my dampened hair this way. It comes out
looking like a blow out. I had really been wanting to know whether or not I
cud maintain my curls by wrapping them in the same manner, but I just
didn’t wanna have to do the work of curling or twisting, then untwisting my
hair – then wrapping my hair to find out. Fortunately you answered the
question. Thanx girl – where have you been all my life!!!

Sharon Johnson says:

Your hair is so beautiful…..can you make a vlog on your regimen?

talitha wiggan says:

The methods that you post obviously work because your hair used to be
shorter than it is now thanks a lot I hope this will work on me

Chocolate Beauty says:

Beautiful Beautiful hair!!!!!!!!! Who needs a weave when you can grow this! :)

Amina Ndiaye says:

hi i have a question for you. WHY DOSE THE COMB GETS STUCK IN THE ENDS. I
blew out my hair but I noticed that my ends are still coiled up and rough
to touch. I examined them closely and there not spit. I have to really pull
to get the comb through it and after I do it just coils back up, I don’t
know if it’s damaged or what. Also when my hair is at its curly state I
don’t have this problem. And then I would cut my hair and the ends would
still be bad. What is this? PLZ HELP

Fancy Pant says:

Are you adding oil each day?

beijosparavoce says:

This isn’t about African descent or not. It’s about lingustical syntax.
I.e. the rules that govern language. In this case, it’s the nature of, and
the order in which words are placed to convey meaning. Did you even read my

Margret Lemons says:

Your hair looks beautiful! You are so inspiring to watch!! :)

Loretta Northcutt says:

Absolutely brilliant! I thought that pineappling was the only way.

TheNisiu says:

You are GORGEOUS girl!!!

canel says:

Thanks. Natural events are pretty rare where I live but there was a
workshop and the speakers said it was better not to mix them together
because hair needs to absorb water first and then be sealed with oil. They
said if we mix them together, hair doesn’t know which one is supposed to be
absorbed first..Hmm I think I’ll stick to my mix lol. Thanks you

Sarah Aye says:

all you have to do to make an afro is comb your hair through

kaykayhype6 says:

With a curlformer kit . I just got mines for prom and they’re GREAT! :)

Pretty Pri Pri says:

I would give my pinky toe off my left foot for your hair! Love it hun

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