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Different Weave Hairstyles | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Different Weave Hairstyles

Hope you enjoyed the video. For any more questions please leave a comment below. Hope you are all well and great. To know how I achieved some of these hairst…

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Lele Vianen says:

The curly hair was the nicest on you!!

chelly92 says:

u r gorgeous!!! I loved the first look!! Now i live in USA how can i get
that hair??

Quan Cole says:

y does it even matter hw a black woman wears her hair…??? white women
wear weave too. so wht point is you trying to make.???

TheJessieeA says:

Hey i am such a big fan of yours and im always watching your videos one i
really enjoyed was your wedding video,and the video where you talked about
growing up! anyway i was just wondering if you’d check out my channel and
watch my video on dip dying hair! it would mean alot to hear some of your

lizlizlive says:

@dimediva005 nope it was a 30

Melonie Johnson says:

Omgg How Did You Do The Bangs!

lizlizlive says:

@QueenB253 Thank you hun. well the ginger hair was already ginger colour 30
but I dyed my hair ginger using the shade honey blonde by dark and lovely

kiki090190 says:

love those hairstyles and u are beautiful !

AndSoWeLaughed says:

One of the smartest comments I’ve heard in a while on YouTube. Thank you!

mikaj428 says:

Hey Liz, what lengths are u wearing in the pic 1:24 (olive blazer & pink
top) I’m thinking that’s the uk hair.. I’m planning on ordering and I want
that exact length.. Thnx & I luv ur videos! ;)

Elen Boul says:

loved wet waves!! :D

lizlizlive says:

@XtinaBlaque aww thank you so much :D xox

KolourCouture says:

Hello, Kolour Couture is the hottest trend in hair accessories! We
specialize in hand painted, 100% human hair extensions.

nadinekzw1 says:

1:59 middle part! wow that looks so nice. forget them haters girl :)

kattou100 says:

do you have video for the middle part

Beautiful Kisses says:

And why tf do white girls and white ppl try to act like only black girls
wear weave. THAT IS BS!!! Y’all bitches be having in just as many tracks as
black girls y’alll ass can’t do shit with y’all hair but put it in a pony
tail or wear it straight down. That shit is wack, so stop hating

Renae Cook says:

When yu have yur side part do yu get it glewed in or do they just cut it
that way

jemXero says:

Wow, really? Whites aren’t the only ones with close to straight hair
textures, and the hair that blacks with weaves wear doesn’t even come from
whites. White hair is completely different, so trying to look “white”? I
don’t think so. No one is insecure or trying to look like someone else,
they just want to wear their hair the way they want and express themselves.
What about white women getting implants, injections, etc? Who do they want
to look like?

Dianicaa says:

All that time on just one eyebrow…too lazy for this.

Catrina TheDon says:

what hair did you use for the first hairstyle

Wendy Anane - Forkuo says:

You are beautiful and I admire you sooo much…I love the way you handle
that with dignity, respect but truth. Just because people do have same
opinions or taste in the world does not mean that they are not in touch
with their roots… roots go far deeper than just hair it’s about it is
inside the person, their attitudes and way of life that counts… God bless
you Liz and keep matching to beat of your own drum…x

Vicky L. says:

Hey liz! How was the hairstyle at 1:59 created? :)

Shuntsx says:

These hairstyles are relly nice and you are really pretty :-)

Lucky Ahmed says:

at 1:02 what colour was that hair and what brand ??

aylix89 says:

love the curly hair

babybace97 says:

Good Job btw!

Rochelle Cole says:

You’re too beautiful and you come across a really nice person. even though
I dont even wear makeup, I love watching all your videos, so jel <3 xx

Rejoice Huhuyana says:

hi if you have a round face what parting is better side or middle or of
middle and what style curly or straight

Whokikiwit says:

Beautiful!!! I love all of the looks

liz owairu says:

omg, ur so pretty, where u get those butterfly earings

wendysue says:

omg i love the bob cut on you! you look so beautiful and classy…..love it!

erdlegna says:

how to save your weave

missbree2242 says:

The music was so soothing!

RebelQueen7 says:

um yea so do black women..if a woman with naturally straight hair curls her
hair with rollers or curling iron and adds in extensions to match the
texture does she too have inferiority complex? Why is is that only our own
have assumptions and negatives to say about how we wear our hair. As long
as it looks nice and presentable, and you take the time to make sure your
natural hair is taken care of otherwise idgaf and neither should you

alyssacwilson1996 says:

I just want to say that you are really pretty XD

Vanessa starter says:

What Kind of hair was the first style ??

keerin ruffin says:

lovee youur hair ! :))) and youur very pretty <3 soo glad i found this
video now i know exactlyy how i want mines done ! what brand hair youu usee?

pcici25 says:

I loved it I loved the video keep up the good work u have major talent we
as black women focus on our hair its our passion. Not that we are emulating
the next person others may focus on changing there features instead of
appreciating what God gave them.Hair is a black woman’s beauty. And I work
with multi cultured people everyday which loves the different styles I come
to work in. Oh well don’t let anyone discourage u again that was indeed his
own opinion and he is definitely entitled to it..

xLittleMissSmithx8 says:

U have money ehi ?

alexis perry says:

U did good

Tinu Onayemi says:

the curly one was my fav. go girl!

PokeMyDimples says:

The fact you came here to bash another woman for wearing weave shows your
‘inferiority complex’ and uncomfortability to wear your own natural hair
with pride and without care of how another woman’s hair is worn. You do you
and let Liz do Liz.

mssugahill says:

and boom there it is, LOL! I hate the fact that many people believe that
being black is simply a hair texture/style and so on. You are not your
hair, no women is white, black or Asian, whether the hair is straight, afro
textured or curly. Some people are so extreme it’s ridiculous.

Sham Wahida says:


Jane-Roz Abbe says:

you go (lizlizlive) girl good job standing up for your culture and
yourself!!i am black to and put on weaves and all the kids from school
think its wierd and that it is a wig but its not and shame on nuwbien for
talking like that a bout u.and btw i use your whitening teeth teqnque

Mario Badescu says:

wow so wont it fall offf?

Dianne Lutalo says:

Hiii I LOVE the curly hair – do u remember what hair this was 0:52 !!!!

XtinaBlaque says:

Wow, if you did most of those weaves by yourself, you are VERY talented!!!

Precious Blessing says:

love itttt

PureJJ07 says:

Hey girl absolutely loving the hair styles this is my first time getting
weave and I have no idea what style to do although when I braided my hair I
used curly extensions. Okay so back to the point of what I wanted to ask;
one hairstyle on that video that I really liked was the jet black curled
with bendy rollers at 2:03. what hair type did you use if you remember?

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