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Hairstyles With Straight hair | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Hairstyles With Straight hair

Hey ladies this video I show you a few QUICK&EASY hairstyles you can do with straight hair! Keep in mind I’m showing you them fast so mine my look a little f…

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Marika Samkova says:

you are really pretty and btw i am subscribing xxxxxxxx

MyCutiepie90 says:

Girl u have really pretty hair and I love the simple looks there super cute
on u ♡♥

eugena02 says:

she can have a pink headband if she want too. you are just being mean for
no reason

eugena02 says:

these hairstyles are super cute thanks i have been looking for hairstyles
for my hair except for the same old same old

Dancergirl5846 says:

so pretty!

Haley Weisman says:

I love ur hair.

Carly Lowe says:

@Cholerocks100 Thank you?

MegaTammyTammy says:

@UniqueTreya ummm everyone sheds dear and dont get too full of ur

just jinger says:

Your hair is really nice ^_^

mzbunnybookgirl1 says:

These r great tips cuase my natural hair is straight nd u nd ur hair is

Elizabeth McCowan says:

Very cute and simple. Love them!

UniqueTreya says:

@MegaTammyTammy reallly? you sound so dumb right now. trying to start an
argument over the internet. It was just a comment. Grow TF up, & I was
complimenting her, I wasn’t being rude at all, so just get off my ass girl.
& I’m mixed K thanks. I’m not “TRYING” to be white, when I’m half of it. &
I’m not jealous, or hating on anyone, we have the same race, what is there
to hate on? I love who I am, and I am who I am, and wouldn’t wanna be like
anyone else K. so before you start assuming, ask. bye.

OMGitsmegzzz2435 says:

The middle part on me looks horrible because I have a cowlick right where
my hair parts (to the side), so it looks crazy if I wear it parted in the
middle. I must say though, it looks really cute on you!:)

Amardeep Kaur says:

omg i love how u did ur make up

jody-ann daley says:

i dont mean to be rude but you say ‘like this’ a million times we can
already see what ur doing its a video .remember i dont wanna be rude just
being truthful here

rubikawesome says:

You are sooo pretty. I’m soo jealous!

Sherrhonda Jaye says:

@misskattiezill I got my first relaxer when I was nine, so those products
probably weren’t out yet. And when i flat ironed my hair the next day it
curled back up. But i’m going natural now so I won’t be using flat irons or
relaxers cause neither one is healthy for the hair. But thanks anyways, I
took it as advice not as you telling me what to do :)

Queenlala439 says:

@mylifeisjustfine26 she isnt permed what are you yelling about

ItsurGurlAshalay2008 says:

Damm, I want your hairr !!!

Cholerocks100 says:

@OmgEatDirt so you admit ur one!

Sammie Hernandez says:

you are so pretty:D

harriettisamallow says:

the hump is the party look

4everINSPIRED says:

0:13 so… what kind of humping

madi jordison says:

You are just so pretty!!

BronxBaddestBitch718 says:

Her hair is thin.

lluuvvuu says:

oooo how do u straighten ur hair and wut u put in it??????

svetlannah13 says:

girrrrl.. you got some guns! wouldnt wanna see you mad…

Reyaenna100 says:

hmm…i do exactly all you do here!!!

440BABYGURL says:

Mah hair is like 3 feet and I can do this styles so stop fucking complain
the gurl with tha K!

BitchImMe09 says:

Perming your hair does not mess it up dying it definitely does i learned
the hard way

woke_ryahmariee says:

Your beautiful(:

Samanthaa Alexiss says:

61 people are white. :P

UniqueTreya says:

im mixed just like you & my hair is similar to yours. well it looks like
it. its silky & flops around all the time..BUT i dont sheeddd. . But like
what you were doing looked great on your, & you look so pretty with the
headbanddd! aaha, i dont have any like that, but i always find some. but
yeah, you loooked great & sometimes i get perms when i have newgrowth & its
just out of control. BUt i dont get them like black people hair need them,
like SERIOUS. (no racist b t w, im both races (: )

purpleDescent says:

subscribing because I think you’re pretty and nice.

Nate Jago says:

love the humps thx:) never thought of that thx:) again

Callmepookiie says:

there basically all the same.

Jaden I says:

You are really pretty and dont listen to the people who are leaving
OBNOXIOUS comments. Love the hair :*

2Angelsluv says:

Your hair is beautiful! Do you have problems with the heat sweating the
roots of your hair, because I have that problems and haven’t found a
solution; any suggestions? Thanks :)

Cholerocks100 says:


Sim-L245 says:

@Angelnot95 a quiff is a poof or a hump in this video :) x

mimi brown says:

yoour haair is hellaa prettty !

EmmyJ789 says:

Woah. Muscular.

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