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MENS COMB OVER HAIRSTYLE | Black Women's Natural Hair Styles
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Hey Cheetahs, I recently went SALON hunting and I needed a nice fresh formal hairstyle. I’ve always wanted to do this haircut so I decided to record the proc…

Reblogged 3 years ago from www.youtube.com


Daviance Polk says:

That’s so cool, I would love this!!

nerdbama rich says:

Looks nice man fuck all these hating ass fool on here pay them no mind…

May m says:

That’s really nice love the color blond all the front if you were any
makeup you should to a how to vid

Geroy West says:

do you normally cut your own hair

Jayven Caminero says:

Wtf is that lol , its suppose to be faded son lol

Davonte Davis says:

Looks good bro I actually cut my own comb over fade because I just wanted
to have a different look but nothing to drastic because im in the
military….sadly I cut my hair off for some weird reason but im getting it
back I’ll post some picks today on my Facebook page (Davonte Davis) y’all
check it out and tell me what you think and again good job bro

babitan1212 says:

I guess if you have nappy black hair it takes that long. Takes me 2 minutes
to do a comb over.

Myles Mann says:

This is so awsome! I’m a huge fan of retro haircuts..I love pompadours &
those comb over skin fades. I always see white guys wear them & I really
want to wear those types of cuts. I like your step by step vid it really
gave me an idea of how I can wear my hair. Thanks a lot for the great vid!

tony zamaniego says:

having your hair bleached is formal??

Victor Carrillo says:

u messed up ur badddd

RockinTheKD's says:

thats a juice



Mathew Lovell says:

great job. you’re gorgeous. as for these assholes on here spitting all of
this hate speech, fuck them. they are not shit. also, they may be just a
bit jealous of you and your confidence. 

Roland Caulker says:

That shit is fly 

CMG829 says:

It’s just a part

RomeTorres169 says:

No blend, no lining? I can fix it though lol

209Hotsauce says:

man this hair style isn’t for coons

comments431 says:

Do my hair dude.

Christian Gonzalez says:

That shit look super retarded smh

babyboy505018 says:

wtf its not even blended. theres not supposed 2 be a huge line there

Clarville Victor says:

I love that haircut on you.

Evan Campbell says:

See I’m mixed , my hair texture isn’t rough (for lack of better terms) to
separate like that . Plus my hair is curly so even if it does separate it’s
will come back together

micah raphael says:

I want that really bad. Can you do a voiced tutorial of how a black man
with black hair could do that hair style please. I’ve been looking all over
the Internet and your the only one who knows how to do it. Please do a comb
over tutorial

wc grafix says:

u didn give urself a good fade homie

Mario Irvin says:

Great job bro looks awesome

Tyrone Gilbert says:

Go to the barber and ask for a straight razor line with a shadow fade ON
THE SIDES that’s the comb over for coarse hair ( don’t forget to put in S

black_monroe_ says:

Love it

Bernard Nleya says:

Wow, amazingly well done. It fits you perfectly. Very gorgeous

Jason Steward says:

I’ve been wanting my hair like this

muhtasim ahmed says:

Fucking faggot

muhtasim ahmed says:

You look like a fucking black donkey.. please kill yourself you gay

Jayven Caminero says:

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