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Natural hairstyles for black women – Natural Hair Journey

natural hairstyles for black women, how I manage to make my own natural hairstyles by myself. Follow my natural hair journey in my blog. Get the free natural hair care products in my blog. natural curly hairstyles black women. short natural hairstyles for black women, natural hairstyles for black women pictures.


TYXOXY says:

Who is this fraud??????

Jo Michelle says:

Please remove this video. This is my video of slideshows of me that you seem to be taking credit for. Thank you.

IsisShjamir says:

Great video, wish it was actually you though I've been following Jo Michelle since I started going natural her actual channel is loveislandbeauty she hasn't been uploading anymore 

Angelastouch C says:

This is Jo Michelle pic

April R says:

Your so Pretty!! Those styles are so right for you, you can be natural or you can have a regular day to day hair style.

I am natural, and I want to ask u, how does Carol' s Daughter Loc cream works for your hair.

Charlotte Maria says:

U got a face that goes with any style stunning

satira2087 says:

I love your video. only been natural for 3 months. I can't wait for my hair to grow longer. Are you going to make another video soon? I hope so because you have giving me inspiration.

Abundance131 says:

Creepy… I thought she looked familiar…

Carrie-Lynn Kelley says:

You are really pretty i love your makeup

Jonaeproductionx3 says:

This just really isn't you

Fabulous Fun says:

Whats your skin regimen? It looks flawless 🙂

KBproject16 says:

Ummmm yea, this is LoveIslandBeauty's video… why is it up here?

GGirll22 says:

yo there is another girl yt with a island name playing yo video but she plays better music

Ann Wilson says:

This was a very nice tutorial, love the music, hair is nice, but your texture is very fine compare to mine which is very thick. I have been natural for a year, wearing it out for the first time after a year….for about 4 weeks. This tutorial does inspire though….

Rita Fyfe says:

Makeup tutorial please! Hair looks awesome!

AngelaAstaire says:

Ok I'm African American and Puerto Rican so my hair is ofcourse inbetween the two textures when I leave it curly but how do you determine the, I guess, "size" of the curls. Like the 4C and what not.

Nia Virgil says:

Beautiful hair. Did you cut all of your relaxed hair off and then started off natural or did you cut the relaxed out as it grew??Im only 3 months in. The struggle is real. I guess I have to get used to the natural and conditioning it. What all do you use in your hair?

Arlene Walker says:

Can you tell me the oils that you mixed together? Thanks

87rahim says:

Amazing hair I really wish more black women did their hair like this. This is what a real black beautiful woman looks like.

Jasmine Lindsay says:

wow i love it definately inspiration

S says:

This is love is an island video

perli1103 says:

Girl you really like them green earrings… look great.

Leopard Queen says:

how do you train your hair to get curls coming in throughout the hair?

Yolanda Sulton says:

Can you do a make up video love the eye brows.

BabyDollsMom1 says:

Girl them eye brow are working it…….

thegirlwiththehair1 says:

omg youre really pretty. wow wow wow. and at a quick glance you almost sorta kinda look like jennifer hudson. which, in my opinion, is indeed a compliment. please dont be offended or anything

Latae says:

What kind of braids @1:31?

Latae says:

I'll be honest …..most of the natural styles I see are not attractive to me …..u have da cutest styles I've seen …I wear these styles with my relaxed hair ….I think I may be okay ….thank you so much !

Qyesha Smith says:

Beautiful styles. You are very beautiful. Should do a tutorial on your make-up. Flawless. Also check out my blogspot at, I'll follow your blog now xoxo hhg

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