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NO GEL!! NO HEAT!! Sleek Braided Ponytail On Natural Hair

Hello Loves! I’m back with another protective style! I’ll be showing you my heat-less stretch routine on natural hair and how I got this sleek braided ponytail on natural hair! Hope you enjoy!

Some Tools & Products Used

-Kazmaleje Detangling Brush :
Hair Tools

OR you can use code “BEAUDENTITY_TRULEYTALENTED” to save!

– My Black Is Beautiful Tangle Slayer :

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Team Alex & Suave 4 Ever says:

Girl I feel you!!!! When you lipped omg I felt that bc that’s me when I’m trying to make a pony!

Dianesha Pattillo says:

So pretty!! I definitely have to try this!

ThuggyMacho says:

You are so gorgeous. I love your hair.

Yoddit McLean says:

I love you! I’m cracking up, I’m informed, I’m entertained, ahh just a breath of fresh air. Thank you. I was about to box braid my hair for a longer lasting style. My twist outs don’t last a week but I figured braids could. Then I decided to look up a no heat sleek pony and you have just saved me! I’ve wanted one for so long and I’ve got some braiding hair in the closet, and Walgreens in stock wit got2b so it’s going down!! Thank you!! Look forward to more videos.

Brea Nycole says:

My hair won’t lay flat no matter what I do. With or without product it just puffs up. I don’t get it smh

Destiny D says:

Soooo cuteeee

kdads says:

Love this!!!

KayGee says:

The way how your hair is just cooperating…. Could never be me

mesmerizineyez says:

New subbie, Queen you're talented and gorgeous!!

Ms. Amanda's Diary of Keto says:

Yessss gorgeous

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