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A compilation of 5 elegant and simple natural hairstyles with no extensions from 2019. These 5 Elegant and simple hairstyles can be done on 4C 4B, short, medium and long natural hair. no EXTENSION was used for these Elegant hairstyles and they can be worn as WORK natural hairstyles, SCHOOL natural hairstyles, CHURCH natural hairstyles and also dinner.

Link to Each hairstyles:

Hairstyle 1:

Hairstyle 2:

Hairstyle 3:

Hairstyle 4:

Hairstyle 5:

Which is your Favorite.

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solarLola says:

You’re gifted with hairstyles

Wendy Mimes says:

Pretty hairstyles. Thank u

T Q says:

That last one was so cute and EASY! I like how you used the Marley hair to tie up your natural strands. I will definitely try that one <3

cyntia auguste says:

nice thank you

Christina McDaniel says:

Tried one today for church and I loved it! Thanks!

Julia Smith says:

Am loving it .Am noticing there is a lot of YouTube video these days with natural black woman hair hair styles without extensions .

Cynthia Thompson says:

Elegant! Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. H says:

You did that and it looks dope!! Real thick gorgeous 4c hair with actual prep done in real time. Keep it up. I'm here for it

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