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Super CUTE Hairstyle For SHORT/AWKWARD Length Natural Hair + Defined Twist Out On 4c/b Natural Hair

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twist and curl pudding
Perfect edges edge control
Certified Natural Coconut Milk – Essential 7 Treatment Oil

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Lola Ogungbe says:

When she said "I usually use scissors to cut the band instead of pulling and tugging" it brought back the memory of the one time I did that and cut off about an inch of my hair

Raven Jackson says:

Yea she did that

thatBADBITCH says:

You saved my LIFE with the first one. I was struggling to pick something for my hair for school that would work, and wouldn’t take a while. Worked beautifully!

Meshella Daily says:

You had me at "awkward" because that's exactly what length my hair is.

Reme Ajayi says:

Beautiful! How long can you wear this for, without any touch ups?

marian B says:

Cute hairstyle!

Vettygirl says:

Really cute.

Shalunda Dillard says:

I would love to see the video on the style you’re wearing in the opening

Lexi says:

What gel did you use to lay your hair down?

Girlgeek101 Stamping says:

Looks AMAZING! thank you for sharing.

Gatho Lifestyle Mupendo says:

Hey!! really love what you do, I've been watching u for awhile and I'm really inspired…anyways I'm a small YouTuber it would mean a lot if people support me..anyways have a blessed day!!

Amanda Mitchell says:

Hey queen nice video supper cute

liyahnicolette says:

That updo was soo freakin cute!!

Khloe says:

Thank you soooo much, I have braids right now and my mom said I have to do something to my hair

T & C says:


shantelle maphutha says:

Awkward length?hmm

Super 6 Family Fun says:

I've been wanting to get back to my natural styles and you really gave me the confidence

Breanna Hkma says:

Trying this one too!!

peta-gaye campbell says:

Everytime I need a hairstyle… your videos are the ones I look at, I too have low porosity hair so I also try to get the same products you use as long as I can get or afford them here in Jamaica… nuff blessings Chev B.

C. Ashworth Unsung says:

Love how you flat twist the front. Makes it so much easier.

C. Ashworth Unsung says:

Try mane choice 24k twisting gel. Doesn't sit on top or flake. Looks pretty.

Lisa Snow says:

Very cute style

Nell Henry says:

Are you from the Caribbean? You have a hint of a Caribbean accent, but cant pinpoint exactly which island

Shtee Vale says:

Can i say how beautiful you are? And that was even before the makeup! Wow!

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