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Study Reveals White Women Have a Bias Against Black Women with Natural Hair

A study shows that some white women consider Black women who wear their natural hair as “less sexy” and “less attractive.” Guest co-host Remy Ma weighs in on the biases women who wear their natural hair feel, plus Tamera opens up about the pressure to straighten her hair after a certain age.

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The Real Daytime says:

Did you feel pressure about your hair growing up?

Blaze Brown says:

I've been Natural since 2002 w/long light medium textured hair (also have freckles) lol & it's the healthiest it's ever been since I was a child. Occasionally, I may allow my hair stylist to add heat if I want‼️

Grace Bergeron says:

why with three black women ont he panel -why didn't they tee-up the story

Angie McGee says:

We gotta get away from saying “good hair” or “good curly” hair. It’s 2021, what are we teaching our your girls and boys?

Angie McGee says:

No she didn’t say “good curly hair” … no such thing as good hair. Good as opposed to bad?

MegaBloodrain says:

You don't need a study to figure that one out..

lu lu says:

Im glad the the Most High made me who i am, and he made me to not care about what people say, move on.

Weezy Jefferson says:

There's an actress who played the Lieutenant on Law and Order, her name is S. Epatha Merkerson. Her natural hair has been in sisterlocks for years. However on the show they put this hideous, lumpy granny looking wig on her head that made her look older and less attractive. There was no reason for her to have to wear the wig in regards to the character. That's just one example but there's plenty I could name where they make black women wear wigs and styles and textures that are the complete opposite of how their real hair is.

lorettamemphis says:

Our hair is another way to discriminate, marginalize, insults, control, weaponize, target us for racism. Black women do not care what multi-racial women, white women think of our natural, coily, 4c hair, our large voluptuous lips, breast, or hips. So they hate our hair and looks so much that they pay billions to look like what they hate?

Nubian KMT Spectrum says:

This is not a show for Black Africans
and Natives decent. This show is
for dem supporters and people of color.

Johanne says:

Lonnie looks pretty

Nava Israel says:

How bout we stop caring about what white people think. period

Nectarios Obunga says:

They are not "white" please give me a break.

serenity4ever2010 says:

Those researchers need to leave black women's hair alone.

A Rare Sophisticate says:

You will get the Shhhhh slapped out of you putting your hands in peoples hair!!! How very rude and ridiculous.

LivingLoud1974 says:

This is not news and who cares what white women think especially when they look to Black and Brown women for style and trends.

eatingcrisps says:

When Tamera was talking about how she loves this new curly hair movement I was waiting for her or someone to talk about the natural hair (ahem 4-type) movement, but nope, nada. And quite frankly it just reinforces the reality that the natural hair movement initially started for type 4 hair (mainly 4c) has been completely co-opted by the more palatable type of curly hair, not the kinky coily types that are most discriminated against.

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