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She did that! Easy DIY Short Fluffy Twist for $8 | Protective Style | X-pression Spring Afro Twist

She did that! Easy DIY Short Fluffy Twist for $8 | Protective Style | X-pression Spring Afro Twist

Hey loves,

In today’s video, I show you all how to achieve this Protective style on short 4C Natural Hair. This video is specifically with reference on a tutorial on how to do this beautiful DIY short fluffy twist for $8 that kinda resembles passion twist and more like spring twist / kinky twist / Marley twist. I will be taking y’all through 2 different methods on how to achieve this short fluffy twist. So, if you can’t even grip the roots of your braids or want to achieve this short fluffy twist with no crochet hook, I got you! I love the fact that I got to rock this short fluffy twist bob for this Spring / summer season as it’s just perfect for the hot season. I hope y’all find this diy easy step-by-step short fluffy twist tutorial helpful while showing y’all how to achieve this short fluffy twist look with No Crochet and also, with crochet.
#fluffytwist #springtwist​ #outrehair protectivestyle​ tutorial.

Hair Details:
1 pack of 3x Outre X-pression Twisted Up Springy Afro Twist 24 inches in Color 1B
Direct link to purchase hair:

1. Parting comb
2. Butterfly clamps
3. Hair comb
4. Edge brush
5. Shine and Jam gel
6. Style Factor Edge booster pomade
7. Style Factor Edge booster gel
8. Hair Jewelries
9. Hair mousse

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P.S: Learning is one step at a time. If you don’t get it now, you will get it tomorrow as long as you keep practicing with patience. Keep trying… and you will get perfect at it ❤

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So good
Find your way beat – Nana Kwabena
Ifé – Youngbodzy


What camera do I use: Canon 5d mark IV

FTC: This video is sponsored by Outre. However, all opinions are mine.

You are awesome for reading up till this point and I hope you have a beautiful and lovely day! Don’t forget to join the family by subscribing! Love you😍..


N. N. Spence says:

My next hair style
Thanks girl!

Jean Nieves says:

Gorgeous woman

Sophia Carter says:

Can I use the rubber band with this look ??

Lin'sPositiveVibesOnly says:

I love how easy she puts it! Love the video!

Esther D says:

Honestly love this natural look, found what I have been looking for.

Esther D says:

I trying to buy this hair but I'm located in the UK don't you have a direct like to the company that you brought this hair from?
This link you attached sends to Google with various companies selling this hair in the US.
Guys I found a company called Wiggit selling the hair in the UK gonna purchase nothing.

LadyBee Jones says:

Beautiful sis.❤

Stephanie Plange says:

How many packs did you use please

Louise kisacky says:

Method 1 works really good for me.

Lewis L says:

Been I'm wanting this hair but can't find it here

Yolisa Kanyiwe says:

Gorgeous! I love it! Been thinking about the next hairstyle to do on my hair and this one will do

Pepita says:

Not even black to be interested on these video, but i love how you are not scared to show yourself NATURALLY beauty

Angela Twine says:

Thank you so much for all you do with natural hair. You have given me so many ideas on how to style and manage mine.❤

Sonia Francine says:

method 2 for me.

Rose says:

You made this look so easy! I love natural hair twists so I'm definitely going to try this

Romel Secquest says:

True beauty, is original beauty.

Victoria Williams says:

I love the way you do your hair. I tried to do the rubber band Senegalese jumbo rope twist twice and failed but Im going to keep trying

daisy a. says:

How long would you say the style lasts? Bc it's really cute and I want to do it for my sister in August

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