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PROTECTIVE STYLE. Twisted Crown Up-Do. Natural Hair. AbbieCurls

A cute protective/up-do style that looks complicated but really is super quick and easy to do 🙂

Music (first song) by KNWGD

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Twitter @Abbiecurls


Abbie xxx


uyi omere says:

so gorgeous!

Trinity Miracle says:

Yesss! I was looking for something simple and this is perfect! Thanks for the tutorial

Ellie Bells says:

Aww I do my daughter's hair like this for school with two twisted cube pigtails at the back.

DaughterofZion says:

I love using this hairstyle for work

vanna shanell says:

Love it! Gonna do this on my next wash. I love simple protective styles.

Jassmen Robinson says:

You have such a beautiful smile!

tj8422 says:

This look is GORGEOUS, omg!

The Hair Doula says:

ohmygoshiLOVEthis!!!! This is soooo pretty!! Thank you!

cavettee2010 says:

My Mom would do my hair just like this when I was a little girl.

Moore Livin’ With xbeautyy says:

So, I attempted this look. Mine did look nearly as sleek. Maybe it’s because our differences in hair type? Love it on you!

L. Hudson says:

This so simple and gorgeous!!

Ranny M says:

What products did you use?

Lydia Dixon says:

I love a twisted crown style I do my mine in single twists and just twist and tuck and it’s crown twisted within a twist

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