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These are really quick and easy hairstyles for any types of natural hair. The only products used were, eco styler gel, Bobby pins, and a hair brush.
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Ig: @moose.pie


Morgan Buchanan says:

am i the only one who wondered what she was saying

Mxxnshine says:

They are good but I don’t like caking my edges in hair gel , it damages my hair and it feels weird …

divachiquita714 says:

I feel like I was on something with that chipmunk voice…what was happening??

Jayda Broady says:

How was your hair before this video? In twist or is it natural curly? Just curious

0h N03 says:

this was very helpful!! <3

CrispyTits says:

Maybe I don’t have 3c 4a then..

Heather Morfa says:

What type of hair ties do you use bc mine always break

Problematic Paradise says:

love you intoo

Mizu Dari says:

I can't do braids to save my life so this really helped

aalivah says:

intro song name?

TT ._ says:

you won the natural hair lottery :'(

Leilani says:

I love these hair styles so much. I would wear them but I would look so strange, I mixed but I look hella white yet I have 3c/4a hair that get really big and frizzy. I feel like I would get made fun of if I’d wear this.

Puntø says:

Your hair its just perfect ❤️!

Emz Lifestyle777 says:

Omg what video editing app do you use?

Aliyah Watty says:

How long did it take you to grow hair that length? Cause i got the same kinda hair as you but it’s a little shorter

lfutrell82 says:

Your hair is gorgeous

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