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40-60yrs Creative SHORT HAIRSTYLES for Older Women

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Annette Garcia says:

Thanks so much wendy styles. For your video on gray hair much love and Blessings

Selah Place says:

Great content. Thank you

Annette Garcia says:

Beautiful Hairstyles Thanks for the videos much love

Gloria Mitchell says:

Beautiful. Texas locations?

Esther Akhimien says:

Your address please

Hellen Morgan says:

Please your location i will like to get my hair cut

Alanna Hopkins says:

Love the hair styles I am 56 and I want to get my hair cut also I have the Cruella Deville gray going on in the front, my daughter got her hair cut off and it's beautiful.

Kenyetta Benjamin says:

Beautiful pixie cuts.

S Dennard says:

Love it!!!!!!!

Wendy Zanders says:


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