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Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: Scarf Tutorial

This is what I do when I am having a bad hair day or want to spice things up a bit by trying Natural hair updos. This is also a FANTASTIC protective style allowing your hair to rest and a chance to grow without manipulation! Head wraps make GREAT Natural Hairstyles for Black Women with short hair or any length! Enjoy!

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C Jones says:

Watching in 2018.i have a million scarves that I tie on a million different ways. I just bought some "boho" style headbands on ebay for cheap to get this look, because I didn't know how to do this look, and look at YT coming through and showing me you. Thank you! Will be doing this now with my own beautiful, colorful and printed scarves instead of the cheapies I just bought.

Drugged Flowers says:


cecile sanders says:

Where do y'all get your scarfs?? What kind of fabrics do you like best?

1judahisrael says:

Very nice…

DJaria Tiyana says:

This is sooo livveee

Sunshine Cooking and Vlogs says:

Love your hair so thick and alive. Thanks for sharing the scarf tips.

Clairessa Fuller says:

I love it I've been wondering forever how to do this! It's so beautiful thank you please make more of these tutorials!! ❤️

713Tyree says:

thank you!!! i was looking for simple videos to teach my daughter how to do her hair. i think this will be a GREAT first style for to try.

Just Art & Paint says:

With your beautiful hair, I couldn't imagine you having a bad hair day. Lovely hair.

Valencia Jones says:

So pretty; thank you for this tutorial!!

Victarys says:

I want your hair bae

Elaine Yvette says:

Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!

Syncere says:

This is soooo gorgeous…I think my hair isnt thick enough and it keeps sliding back! 🙁

Taleah Brown says:


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