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Medium Perm Rod Set | Wet Natural Hair | Fortify'd Naturals

Finally got around to trying these products and I have nothing but good things to say! Was a little nervous with the shampoo as I normally use cleansing conditioners, but I was very please my hair did not feel stripped. Paired with the deep conditioning treatment, leave in and styler, the results speak for themselves. Have you tried these products? Let me know what you thought! COMMENT LIKE SUBSCRIBE!

Products Used: Fortify’d Naturals
Sage Infused Black Soap Shampoo
Growth Enhancing Moisture Therapy Deep Treatment
Hydrating Leave In Conditioner
Intense Hydrating Potion

35 – 9/16″ Perm Rods

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Ruby O'kosi says:

Too cute♥️

T hunter says:

I like fluff less after day 1 hair. The definition is key for me. Also I noticed that you wrapped the rods from the opposite end (where the string holds) is that an easier process? I want the curls to come out like this rather than Shirley temple. But maybe I wrapped it incorrectly?

Adrienne Curry says:

Lovely!! Good quick video, thanks.

Harley Quinn says:

Omg finally someone who has my hair length yesss

DL Stowe says:

After you washed your hair, did you just towel dry your hair? I'm assuming it's still damp?

DL Stowe says:

What do you do to preserve style during the night? And what, if anything, do you do each morning to refresh style?

Lynette Wigfall says:

Love love it and will try it myself.

Debbie Curington says:

Love it

Tina Tiller says:

You got a big ole gap in the crown of your head that needs to be filled in. You can see all the parts in your head.

1articfoxify says:

When you sleep in your , do you tie your hair or just sleep on the rods?

Karen Forbes says:

Hi why dont you do a finger coils video

rosamaria loaizagomez says:

Did the rinse cream dont let get volumen?if i did them only with water?

Amber Mit says:

I love their products it’s amazing.

Lisbeth DC says:

She makes it looks so easy but i know she has practice. Beautiful results

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