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Get the PERFECT twist out EVERY TIME on short natural hair | Type 4A/4B/4C Hair

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Itzyagurl Gabz says:

Wait aren’t those gloves slippery

Itzyagurl Gabz says:

U have the BEST volume of hair YOOOOOO

Just Debbie says:

I do my hair like this. I keep it like that between washes.

Shycuria Berry says:


Darlynne Johnson says:

If anyone on here has any idea on how to prevent so much drinkage would be awesome when I straighten my hair it's literally shoulder length but once the water touches it I swear it goes straight to my scalp. Even when I do hairstyles which it shows a little bit of length once the humidity touches it it's back to a baby bush and a suggestions on how to maintain the length of a twist out

Lauryn Maina says:

omg! I haave the exact type texture and length that this beautiful lady has

Claudia Smith says:

Your hair grew so much, great progress.

Chocolate Souljah says:

3:24 – "make sure you avoid borrowing from the other strands." It took a while for hardheaded me to get the memo.

Lonnie 1Love says:

I love : Lotta Body

Chez-Roy Birchwood says:

Love the look!

Y. D. Smith says:

What's the "LCN" method?
Not quite sure I heard her correctly. But I think those was the intinitials I heard.

Tina Snuggles says:

Your hair looks so wonderful

asheea smith says:

wait what was the secret tho. it looks like you just did it, but you didnt sy what actually gets it to be smooth and defined. like what was the factor??

KevMo7dfo says:

You are gorgeous. Great tutorial as well.

MICO says:

Yea us men use gloves on our waves and twist outs it helps slick the hair together and lays the hair down.

Tânia Ba says:

I really want to try a twist out on my hair but my arms are not strong enough!

Deneesha Morgan says:

Oh I should have made my twist all the same size. I hope it still turns out good

lalaland2199 says:

Who cares if shes wearing gloves??? It helps to not have q bunch of product and hair all over your hands

La'niya Bronx says:

This has never worked on my hair tho I twist

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