desi videos big natural tattoo blonde booty.
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#4chair #loveyournapps
Intro song: Che Lingo- Black Girl Magic
Background Song: Secret Crates- Springtime Stroll


Key_dreamer says:

How do people put water on they hair and it doesn’t immediately frizz up?

jade. says:

ignore this


YaGirlGrace says:

3:25 am i the only one who got triggered that she did not even comb the hair

edit: the parts she braided

Leila deceus says:

if u dc what 4c is u couldve jus said 4 type lmao

Nalia Wolfie says:

I wanna try 8:28 one day uwu

Teresa Campos says:

1:28 she is angolan and i´m too and i am so proud to see her in this type of videos

Asia Clark says:

This is amazing thank you so much

Keri Honcho says:

they make it look so easy omfg

adeline nib says:

Looking to see what my hair will look like for senior portrait

Pilar Navarro says:

sweet victory

kristina barr says:

ok but the last hairstyle was dope

Pica Posti says:

the good the bad and the ugly theme

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