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6 Quick Natural Hairstyles for Black Women Short Medium Hair

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That first big chop to natural hair taught me a big lesson that I continue to use every day since. I spent so many months and years wanting to cut my relaxer but I was afraid. I was afraid of starting. 

The day I cut my relaxer I realized I had the courage to start anything. I did not have to follow a path. I could set my own path. That lesson is what made me be bold to go to school and become a Georgia Licensed Cosmetologist to eventually opening my own salon, boutique and spa to now being a coach and mentor to women who want to become entrepreneurs in the hair and beauty industry.

I am here to inspire and encourage you that you too can achieve your dreams if you are  Fearless and Resolute. You can start a beauty blog and share your natural hair journey.You can start a business sharing your beauty products online.

I share my love for natural hair and beauty by offering tips to natural hair bloggers and beauty entrepreneurs on my podcast. Let’s ride this journey together, link to podcast below.

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Patience Simataa says:

love them all and you are very beautiful

Pam Giles says:

Very nice! Thanks for the ideas. Will try.

Tiana Ortegâ says:

i like look 2 , im going to try it myself! thank you

Dominique Mitchell says:

Thank you! I was able to get #4 looking right for me today. I think I'm going to try them all! Thanks again.

GH Kinks says:

Sub #196 cute hairstyles, I dropped a like and subbed, SUB BACK, THANKS!!

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