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Simple & Easy Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair 😱🌺✨



Niyah’s_Curls says:

These hairstyles are super good for when you want something protective to grow out your hair!!❤️✨

terrrence myles says:

one of the girls look like nicki manaj

Prebella Prebella says:

What's the name of the first style

Jagjit Singh says:

Very beautiful ji , please you contact no give me , my whattapp no+917742969958

Geraldine Hood says:

hi ha gorls me june hary bts v tals kim

Kisha Kay says:

Black women, we are so talented.❤️

Raquel Plumpp says:

I could not with these. The only I do is twist…smh…I be needing help and parting takes 2 hours for me so braids are out the question.

Raquel Plumpp says:

Are those gray wraps good? What are they called?

dashella greenidge says:

I wanna try this 6:50

dashella greenidge says:

This is the best

Aletha Shepherd says:

Very nice ,great job a love it

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