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2017 Gray Short Hairstyles |Black Women| Dallas Texas

Short hair for Black Women


Nappy Scribe says:

Of course I liked and subscribed. Thanks for the inspirational video.

L Taylor Taylor says:

Upside triangle face shape.

L Taylor Taylor says:

I have high cheek bones and a wide fore head.

L Taylor Taylor says:

Can you suggest and hair style that kind of looks clean but without the cutting edge look?

L Taylor Taylor says:

I am thinking about having it tapered but I don't really like the groomed look. It does not fit my personality.

L Taylor Taylor says:

My hair is very thick and I enjoy the way it feels. Soft.

L Taylor Taylor says:

My hair is natural and very curly but not tightly or loosely. I just wear my hair without really doing much to it after I take the two strand twists out.

L Taylor Taylor says:

I have silver at the temples and ears. Also I have a W shape guide line which is also turning silver on the left guide line. Mama calls them( kitchens.) I do love her ole country ways.

L Taylor Taylor says:

My silver crown is growing in at the crown of my hair almost like a halo.

Carolyn Reed says:

Hello I love the grey style on your thumbnail. Do you know someone in the S. Atlanta area suburbs that can do that hair style? Excellent job.

Off The Bench says:

I love your art. I just may have to make the trip from the UK. Truly amazing work.


Love the silver grey color, how did you achieve that color,

Ada TALLIE says:

I'm all natural with gray and black hair I had my hair cut really short about two years ago and I love it I will be calling for appointment Thanks for sharing

Kimberly Johnson says:

Beautiful work, God Bless You. Build your business, and the customer's will follow. Your work will speak for you! And by the way your client looks beautiful in gray. I'm a hairstylist too. I transitioned one of my clients from black to gray. Sometimes it's great to embrace the natural beauty God gives us.

Michelle Antoinette says:

The style TOTALLY works for these women. Only thing is, it dates these women. Because Black Don't Crack, no one would know they are actually the age the are without the gray showing.

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