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Natural Hairstyles for Type 4 Hair| 4A, 4B, 4C

If you have type four natural hair then this video is perfect for you ! Here are a couple of styles that you can do with 4a,4b, or 4c hair. Hope you enjoy !



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SillyCheese says:

3:56 cause I wanna try thay

Esteisy Adon says:

Como se participa en unos de esos vídeos

Sandra Cabrera says:

Black flawless beauty doing there doing there thing with grace and style beautiful

Jonesey 29 says:

Every one did an awesome job I loved all the styles even my beautiful talented young ladies …❤️

Ja'Leea McElwee says:

i Got type 4b And 4c

A says:

I love this video, I can't do anything with my hair, it's naturally curly but kinda thick all I do is put a headband around it and wear it natural. …Black Women's hair is Beautiful all the different textures you're all Beautiful Queens thank you for sharing all the different styles that can be done on natural hair, with a few products ❤️

No no no hahah says:

i’m only 11 and have good hair and want to try some of these but i’m scared to ask my mom can i try them

No no no hahah says:

Knock Knock someone say who i’m replying to first one

Petal Pascall says:

The sixth girl has 4c hair

Marie Jourdain says:

Mines is 4b that's how tired I get trying to make 3c hair styles cover my tip lines I almost waste the whole gel.

Xya’Riah Best says:

I need to know what type of hair I have, is 4 something don’t know what tho, it’s kinda like how the girl @ 7:15 and the girl @ 9:59 hair is

Mya B says:


Amari Lewis says:

I got 4a hair l love my curly hair

Apple Sauce says:

I got 1B hair <3

C'Jae Ransom says:

is the song Trip?

Pets House says:

lovely ponytail

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