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Rainy Day Hairstyles for Natural Hair

I hope you enjoyed the video!!! Which one was your favorite??

I’m out of town today and we lost an hour of time last night. AND I’m losing another hour coming back to Atlanta! I wanted to make sure the video was up so I’m posting a little early today! See you next Sunday! 🙂

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Camera – iPhone 6


Juliette Walker says:

Loved all the Styles well done thank you for sharing your hair is the same as my curl pattern your beautiful

Tiffany says:

I love them all!

SoftNSweetG says:

The Cassie!

Shawntaye Davis says:

I Have to try the Cassie it looks so cute on you

Shawntaye Davis says:

I like the Cassie the low bun and the Minnie mouse

NaturalCurls4Life says:

My favorite was the low bun.

NaturalCurls4Life says:

I love how you tied the scarf and the color.

Hayden Brown says:

im jealous at the way your hair grew so fast !

Jordyn Brewington says:

I really loved the caddie but I wish I could cornrows and I don't know if I could braid that close on my edges but I really liked it my favorite style of all

Sio Savi says:

Off the topic, I LOVE your Parisian-themed décor!!!

Fine Natural Hair and Faith says:

yes to the rainy day bun! It's also my lazy day hairstyle. The style with the 2 cornrows meeting in the middle was cute !

Raisa D says:

First and third are my favs!

lisa yjones says:

Very Pretty!!!

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