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4C Natural Hairstyles | Primp | ESSENCE

4C natural hairstyles turn heads day and night. In this episode of #Primp, we’re serving up three 4C protective looks that are sure to get attention. Do you have 4C natural hair? Have you tried any of these hairstyles? Let us know your fav look and how you like to. Leave us a comment and share with your friends. Subscribe today:

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Mrs. P Thiam says:

Love❤️. I'm going to try the last one with my locs

ForevaLaTrelle says:

Ya’ll must honestly think hair isn’t 4c unless it’s in a fro lol. 4c is very versatile and this is what 4c hair looks when it’s been braided-out and stretched.

cynthiaholland13 says:

Look at her roots it's 4c. It was already moisturized and stretched from a braid out

Excuse Me says:

Im not trying to be rude, but I think her hair is 4b or 4a

Bibi Mosquera says:

The hairstyles are beautiful but this is not a 4c hair

Jamel Jenkins says:

I don't understand why people are saying that she does not have 4c hair. This is how 4c hair looks when it has been stretched out from braiding it or having it twisted. This is how my hair looks after I wash it, braid it, and take it down. I have 4c hair and when my hair is blow dried, it's down my back.

Natria C. says:

For al du bies saying it's de not 4c hair. It is you just have to look at her roots and.. She did a braid out before probably.

nandi dube says:

this ain’t 4c

LivinwithJennifer says:

This is not 4c hair

nunya beezness says:

This is not 4c hair

Queen Knotti Styles says:

Really cute styles!!

Cosmic women says:

Looks beautiful

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