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NATURAL HAIRSTYLES || Short/ Medium Hair

EASY natural hair, curly hairtsyles for short/ medium natural hair!!

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F A Q:
Race: Half Nigerian + African American
Name: Isimeme (E-C-May-May) Edeko (E-Deck-Co)
Camera: Canon EOS T6i
Editing Software: iMovie
Curl Pattern: 4a/4b
*FTC: This video is not sponsored.
Rock Angel by Joakim Karud
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0…
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Elizabeth Noir says:

Ok, you look like a 90's girl group diva. I'm loving this.

Johnna Conner says:

And can I just say how Flawless and beautiful you look with no makeup on and that black natural beauty of my God

Johnna Conner says:

I love watching you I love watching your hair I can watch your videos forever and ever and just be contented you go girl

Georgia Harris says:

Hi my name is Georgia I am 10 my aunt told me about your channel and I want to learn how to take care of my hair

Abena Afrakomah Afriyie says:

lol if this is short hair then i guess im bald….oh whale

paradise pianocomposerauffharrypotter says:

In your intro is that u singing

Danii says:

Sus…. I must be bald lmaoooo your hair bout long as hell. You have beautiful, thick hair but I wouldn’t say short lol.

Um Okay. says:

I'm jealous of the volume of your hair.

Juanita Morris says:

Yes she has very long hair.

benice ; says:

the longest lasting punishment i've received from god is this head of hair. thanks to this video it may just get a little easier

OmariDee1234 says:

And the two puff one almost at the end of the video. Omg how you slay your edges and do those 2 puffs evenly

OmariDee1234 says:

I tried to do number 5 today and I couldn't get it for nothing!! It's always lopsided! The right side of my hair is longer and looser than my left side

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