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Hairstyles For Thinning Natural Hair | Easy Bun to Hide Bald Spot & Crown Breakage | Grow Hair Fast

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Hi subbies and friends,

I am sharing a simple bun hairstyle for natural black hair. You can fins Scunci Upzing hair accessory online and/or at local convenient stores. I used Alikay Naturals Lemongrass leave in conditioner for this hairstyle. Thanks for watching and liking (:


For several months, I have been treating my thinning natural hair. My natural hair has become extremely fine since the chronic hair shedding that I noticed back in June of 2015. It has been an ongoing struggle managing two hair-lengths that of my old hair and the new-growth. One of the most helpful things you can do to care for thinning hair is to keep your hair soft and moisturized.


When you notice that your hair is thinning and or balding, the first thing you must do is seek effective, accurate information about cures & treatments for balding and thinning hair. It is no secret that castor oil has proven to help re-grow balding edges, balding crown, & balding nape area of the hair. Youtube is an awesome resource for information, but always take the time to do further research through books and doctors.


It sucks that I have to start over my natural hair journey. I am glad, however that I can help people who may suffer from thinning hair. I want to show you that just because your natural hair is not perfect does not mean that you have to cut it all off. I am still creating hairstyles, even after the breakage. Creativity goes a long way. I hope that the natural hair tutorials are helpful.


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Keely Mendoza says:

Great video. I would also recommend clicking here for more information regarding hair loss

Naturally Lisa B. says:

Lady Tee!! You've been away too long girl! Glad to see you! I wanted to try one of those stretchy comb sets but was afraid the combs might not go through my hair. Looks great. Good idea to remove the bobby pins. 😉

Belle says:

Thanks for posting this how to. I've got two of these
combs and I could not figure out how to style my hair with them. LOL …..I can now,Thank you.

Meek Stylz says:

Thanks for sharing. Do you wear this everyday?

trich315 says:

So happy to see you! Cute style. I have one black hair zing, I need to get some more 🙂

Nelly B. says:

heyyyy girl, all the best for 2016..

123leahm says:

Thanks for the vid. Very nice and simple style. Did you start this style with a twist out or braid out?

MyNaturalMyChoice says:

Hey beautiful ! I like the way you styled your hair and awesome tips at the end of your video!

Living Your Best life! says:

I'm so hyper right now. missed your videos so bad. now to rewatch

marquita83 says:

heyyy girl whats going on happy new yr glad to see you how is everything!! missed you i know you have two other vids i have to watch those….very nice style tfs!! dont be gone too long! 🙂

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