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Trying New Curly Hairstyles Everyday For A Week

LOL you guys requested this so i hope you enjoyed it!

i appreciate you for watching 💕
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Extravagance WithT says:

I just found your channel today. You are so pretty


She took me out when she said "George Washington!!!!! lmaooo!!!! Love thisss videoooooo

Calah Christian says:


Dayonna Aliyah says:

12:30 sooo cute

Life of Lily says:

Just stumbled across your channel i really love your vibe and you have a contagious snile

Nikki Harrison says:

ur so pretty!!

Ar’lacey Smith says:

Girl you pretty asf , skin care routine? & type of skin ?

Karyss ! says:

Where did you get your nose ring from?

Urban Era says:

Bitch I’m in love

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