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Short Platinum Blonde / White Hairstyles For Women | Afro Haircut

Here’s a compilation of a women who dyed their from black to blonde / platinum blonde / white.

Cut By Step The Barber:


Cut By D2TheMasterBarber:


Fresh Hair TV says:

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Selena C says:

Where u located?

S Cole says:

With deep chocolate complexions the blonde looks sooooo amazing when it has a green undertone. Love the looks

Juanita Gross says:

Can someone please do a tutorial on achieving white hair? Please

Christasia Sheppeard says:

Your work is amazing!

Its Sinclair Time says:

3:10 whos mans is this lady? Hun?

NikiN N says:

Beautiful Queens rocking their own God given crowns.

Blonde Ritchie says:

Wooooooow! Ur a beast!!!!

D Crawford says:

Where are you located?

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