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10| Natural Hairstyle :: Straightened Hair & Shaved Sides + Maintanence

See the pics on my blog! :

In this video I’m sharing with you my shaved sides with my straightened natural hair. I also share with you how I maintain my hair through out the duration of it being straight.

I’m really loving my haircut even more these days! Check it out.


Ashanti Jones says:

Looking like Lisa Ray

Blake Knight says:

Cute cut. Exactly what I was looking for. I’m getting my her cut like this!

Tammy Windley says:

very cute!!!!!☺

Milly Hickmon says:

Lisa Raye & Jordin Sparks look alike… Great job

April H. M. says:

You and your personality at 1:42 loving it.

Maxxi Tee says:

Hey. If you haven’t mentioned it before do you mind telling us how you feel after having your son versus not wanting mentioned that in one of your videos.

Blessing Rejoice says:

I love it!! !

Sean Walton says:

Your like really pretty

The Visionee says:

Lisa Raye's twin!

Keysha's Corner says:

Lol ok gurl, your funny

Lyric Nabors says:

I like that hat whats the style of it called

T L says:

I love, love, LOVE your personality and character! You are so down to Earth and funny!

Tika Birdsong says:

Lol this is hilarious! beautiful cut!

Anatural Galaxy says:

quick question I was going to get a style like that but it was somewhat of a spin off style where it was parted down the middle how does your hair cut like this look when it's parted down the middle?

YaYa Says says:


pearl honey 2019 says:

Lisa Ray look

Puffox Playz says:

I wanna shave my head on the side when I'm like 21 but I wanna wait till my hair gets older. I'm like only 11 🙂 I'm mature for my age though so

MsDee J says:

you are a beautiful lady… need to be in magazines

Skye Jackson says:

your gorgeous!!! I see a similarity in appearance to jordin sparks!!

Davita Smith says:

lisa raye look a like

Rumbidzai mapuranga says:

you look like Lisa rae awesome

Natasha G says:

Your eyes are gorgeous girl!

Debra Haynes says:

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Richelle Muah says:

i had this hairstyle for a year and half! its sooo beautiful! im in love with it

Sonji1966 says:

You are a beautiful sister! I love your videos! Much love and respect from the 305 🙂

friday727 says:

Fierce, love it!

LaComonique Lewis says:

very pretty

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