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Didn’t mean to steal anyone’s content🥰
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Elellan Micheal says:

One of them had a rough hair line and I was no mAh gurl

Keirah Singleton says:

I love watching these I watch these videos all the time and when I have fake hair in I want to take it out to do these

Dany Chaves says:

2:50 whats the song name ?

Dellaney Thomas says:

This videos are so calming
And relaxing to watch

Aramide awowale says:

Nice hairstyles!! I will try them

Curlyxbriii says:

I mentioned you in a video

Curlyxbriii says:

Can I be on one of your hair videos I just posted a hair video of me doing my hair

Melissa Ramah says:

Who is the girl on the thumbnail on the right

Mi’Auni Humphrey says:

what’s the song name ?

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