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African FLOOR LENGTH LONG Natural Hair! Mbalantu Women (history of box braids)

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Hey guys! In today’s video, I will be highlighting the hair and beauty of the Mbalantu Women. These are some of the most breathtaking individuals I have ever seen. And it was super interesting to learn about them! The Mbalantu women are located in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola . Hairstyles and jewelry play a significant role within the community indicating age and social status! I hope you all enjoyed learning about The Mbalantu Women! Links to all sourced videos are below! Thumbs up and subscribe to never miss a video! Comment “African beauty” in the comment section if you are reading this!

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Marsha Matos says:

Great information

nita bug says:

thank you so much for this I hope it educates people

well blow me down fact no fiction says:

When will it hit the ground.!?

Pamela Dishman says:

Thank you for this information. I saw this years ago, and was surprise no one ever mentioned this tribe of people. I have been wearing my hair in braids since March 2020. No real growth yet. My hair was so damaged when I started because I flat ironed it 2 x in 2 months. Length retention might start now-4 month later. It was always collar bone length and still is after 4 months. It might be thicker which is quite a feet for a woman over 40yrs. But there is no way, after braiding my hair and finding the ease of care, I’m going back to everyday hair care styles. Life has definitely changed for me.

Kembabazi lorita says:

And how can I get such hair

Ivory Love says:

This was informative. You putting your plate form l and journalism experience into good use. Perhaps take it further and get in contact with an Angolan to get their perspective on this treatment and how it is used now.

sylvia ashby says:

This wonderful info. But i dont hair length that i can walk on it myself.

Catia Jesus says:

Hey firstly I would like say i love your channel , you definitely have useful content that I love to watch but just to let you know you are saying the name ANGOLA wrong. Being half Angolan myself I thought I should let you know since it's a great and insightful video about my father's country and thank you .. but yh just to let you know

Maryam Hampton says:

Sorry if I mispronounced some things I tried my best but it wasn’t a lot of information on the pronunciation. Love you guys so much be kind to one another. We’re all out here trying.

Linda Weyulu says:

I'm a mbalantu, just sad I don't know my history.

teeahtate says:

Thanks for sharing.

NoTrick-NaturalProduct says:

yes, we Africans can grow our hair long and healthy if we study our hair type and what products it like a plus regimen. great informative

Shannon Armstrong says:

Thanks for the info I love diversity of my hair 4c with some 4b

EL says:

Great information. Thank you.❤

Amy and Family says:

Very cool information. Thanks!

Wanjiku Roki says:

Lovely, much love from the motherland.. #Kenya

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